Board & Committees

UEA Student Board

Janet Hu

Vice President
Jeff Waraniak

Vice President
Sara Matecun

Finance Chair
Anne Slovick

Publicity Chair
Brianne Johnson

Website & Design
Sarah Alsaden

Xylem Editor-in-Chief
Heather Bicknell

Fortnight Co-Editor-in-Chief
Rachel Fentin

Fortnight Co-Editor-in-Chief
Sue Li


If you would like to be part of one of these committees, please email the person in charge. Also mention whether you would be interested in co-chairing a committee.

Awards Committee
Katherine Riley|
Janet Hu | Jeff Waraniak |
This committee will focus on choosing recipiants for English Deaprtment awards. This will be a small group who help acknowlegde worthy faculty and students.

Fundraising Committee
Sara Matecun |
This committee will be focused on not only raising money for the UEA, but also working on getting our name out there. We want to raise money and awareness for our group through a series of fun and creative activities.

Advisory Committee
Katherine Riley|
Janet Hu | Jeff Waraniak |
The Advisory Board meets biweekly with the President and Vice President in order to better accommodate the needs and desires of members. The Advisory Board works on brainstorming ideas for events, fundraising, and publicity, just to name a few. They also serve to critique and improve ideas generated by the Executive Board.

Xylem Committee
Heather Bicknell |
This committee is responsible for publishing an annual literary magazine comprised of undergraduates' poetry, prose, and artwork. Tasks include judging submissions, working on magazine layout, fundraising and publicity.

Fortnight Committee
Rachel Fentin |
Sue Li |
Join us to participate in the development of the UEA's regular newsletter that primarily consists of event reviews, creative prose, poetry, and artwork. We offer a number of opportunities to contribute to layout design, fundraising, written reviews, publicity, and judging submissions.

Publicity Committee
Bithiah Lee |
The role of the committee is to publicize the UEA, Fortnight, and Xylem. The committee is responsible for finding creative avenues to advertise through, writing publicity pieces, and contacting relevent personal at places such as the Michigan Daily, UofM Radio, Ann Arbor News, etc. The committee will also be responsible for the creation of flyers, brochures and other such graphic advertising.

Tentative Committees

Curriculum Committee
General Contact |
The committee will be working closely with faculty members as the English Department begins an extensive reexamination of undergraduate English studies at U of M. Committee members will be responsible for working with Department members to gather feedback from undergraduates about their studies and goals as English concentrators.

Writing Workshops Committee
General Contact |
Committee members are expected to possess admirable writing skills and to know how to give constructive criticism. We will be helping undergraduates hone and develop their writing skills in their essays, poetry, stories, and other writing pieces.