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Welcome to the University of Michigan Department of English Academic Advising and Student Services page. You must see a Major Advisor in order to declare a Major in English. In order to graduate you must see both a Major Advisor and an LSA Senior Auditor for your senior audit. You are encouraged to visit with a Major Advisor at least once a semester.

If you would like to make an appointment with an English Major Advisor or Peer Advisor, please use the following link:

» https://webapps.lsa.umich.edu/AdvAppts/AA_StuSelfSvc1.aspx?ctgy=ENG

NOTE: The above link is for scheduling appointments to speak with English advisors ONLY. If you need to speak with an LSA advisor, please visit the Newnan LSA Academic Advising Center > site for more information.

For more information about advising appointments, please see our Undergraduate Advising Appointments section.

Back by popular demand — our Peer Advisors have advising appointments as well as walk-in hours.

Have a quick question about the English program? Haven't had time to make an appointment to declare your major? Come speak to one of our English Peer Advisors in our new Undergraduate Student Lounge at 3200 Angell Hall.

Travon Jefferson:
Appt Hours: Monday 1-3pm; Wednesday 1-3pm; Friday 4-5pm

Hailey Middlebrook:
Appt Hours: Monday 3-5pm; Tuesday 10-11am; Wednesday Noon-1pm; Thursday 10-11am

Scarlett Wardrop:
Appt Hours: Monday 10-1pm; Wednesday 10-Noon

About Our Peer Advisors:

Travon Jefferson

Walk-in/Appt Hours: Monday 1-3pm; Wednesday 1-3pm; Friday 4-5pm

Travon Jefferson My name is Travon Jefferson, hailing from Detroit, MI. I'm a Senior studying Secondary English Language Arts Education through the School of Education. With all the reading and Education courses, I found the time to minor in Secondary Psychology Education because I enjoy learning about the mind just as much as I enjoy teaching it. From my four years of being at the University of Michigan, I have ventured into a bit of everything from Business, Japanese, English, Psychology, to many more things, so I have a wide range of knowledge and resources at my disposal. I have become a Peer Adviser because I ultimately would like to go into Higher Education & Student Affairs to help other students like me, find their dream major and related career. Something super cool about me is that I have studied Japanese for 4 years and I'm left - handed.

Hailey Middlebrook

Walk-in/Appt Hours: Monday 3-5pm; Tuesday 10-11am; Wednesday Noon-1pm; Thursday 10-11am

Hailey Middlebrook Hailey Middlebrook is a senior from Ludington, Michigan, studying English with a focus on nonfiction writing. Outside of class, she is a staff writer for the Arts section of the Michigan Daily, and this year she will specialize as a health and fitness columnist. Writing and fitness have always been two of Hailey’s passions; for her first three years at Michigan, she was a member of the varsity cross country and track teams, and was an editorial intern for Running Times magazine in the summer after her junior year. Like her interests, Hailey’s career plans are diverse: she spent her freshman and sophomore years on a pre-med track, but then shifted to pursue careers in law and journalism post-graduation. As an advisor, Hailey hopes to help other students decide their own career paths, whether they be in the medical field, in publishing, or anything in between — the beauty of the English major, she believes, is that it develops critical writing, analytic and communication skills that form a foundation for professional success.

Scarlett Wardrop

Walk-in/Appt Hours: Monday 10-1pm; Wednesday 10-Noon

Scarlett Wardrop My name is Scarlett Wardrop and I am a Senior majoring in English and minoring in Computer Science. I’ve always loved English classes because I enjoy reading and delving into the meaning of literature, as well as writing creative works. The engaging English classes I’ve taken at this University have taught me to seek meaning from literature of all time periods, persuade a reader to consider a bold thesis, and to be empathetic with others through reading and interpretation. Similarly, the Computer Science classes I’ve taken have challenged me to learn and interpret new programming languages, as well as construct programs to be efficient and understood by others. In addition to my studies, I enjoy working as a Resident Assistant on North Campus, writing poetry and fiction, reading novels and fashion magazines, and consuming coffee and chocolate. I’m excited to meet other English majors and discuss the ways studying English can advance a professional career and future studies.

Peer Advisors are located in 3200 Angell Hall

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