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Faculty Spotlight: Gina  Brandolino

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Medieval literature, especially late medieval English literature; religious narratives, especially saints’ lives and miracle stories; Early English literature and canonicity; pedagogy, especially the teaching of composition and at-risk or non-traditional students. Also horror in literature, film, and popular culture; comics and graphic novels; social class, especially the intersection of social class and higher education. 


“Margery and ‘the Juice’:  Teaching The Book of Margery Kempe Using OJ Simpson’s If I Did  It.”  Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching 20 (2013): 7-17.

“God’s Gluttons: Middle English Devotional Texts, Interiority, and Indulgence.”   Studies in  Philology 110 (2013): 403-31.

“Teaching Innocent's Legacy: Middle English Texts for Commoners.” Pedagogy 13 (2013): 267-87.

Guest co-editor of special issue, “Teaching Medieval Literature Off the Grid.” Pedagogy 13 (2013).

“What a Difference an M.A. Makes.”  M/MLA Journal 37 (2004): 37-40.

“Where are Medieval Women in Literary Historical Survey Courses?”  Medieval Academy News 143 (2002): 9.
“Rude Strength: A Reading of Julian of Norwich.”  Essays in Medieval Studies 15 (1998): 109-13.
“‘The Chiefe and Principal Mene’:  Julian of Norwich’s Redefining of the Body in A Revelation of Divine Love.”  Mystics Quarterly 22 (1996): 102-10.

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