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Paul, Trisha
2014 Untold Stories, Unheard Lives: A Study of How Adolescents with Cancer Create Selfhood through Narrative PDF
Raphael, Alyson
2014 Defining a Nation of Readers: Late Nineteenth Century Reading Guides As Agents of Literary Nationalism in America PDF
Tuck, Andrew
2014 Why Did American Psychiatry Abandon Psychoanalysis? Authority and the Production of Knowledge in Twentieth Century Science PDF
Walker, Samuel
2014 Made/Unmade: Pound, Benjamin, and Rubble PDF
Weiner, Hannah
2014 The Authenticity of a Rapper: The Lyrical Divide Between Personas and Persons PDF
Zaluzec, Ryan
2014 The Nascent Specter: Vision, Corporeality, Reproduction, and Modernity in Henry James and Photographic Theory PDF
Zilli, Anthony
2014 Vladimir Nabokov and the Reader's Game PDF
Acho, Kristyn
2013 Unveiling the Middle Eastern Memoir: Reconfiguring Images of Iranian Women Through Post-9/11 Memoirs PDF
Allen, Carmen
2013 Bonds that Unite are Bonds that Tie: Complications of Altruism and Imprisonment in Little Dorrit, Great Expectations, and A Tale of Two Cities PDF
Alsaden, Sarah
2013 Poetry as Reistance and Recovery: An Examination of Violence, Trauma, and Exile in the Poetry of Iraqis and American Veterans of the Iraq War PDF
Brehob, Emily
2013 Online Academics: The Wiki TV Tropes as a Community of Pseudo-Academic Producers PDF
Caserta, Lauren
2013 Evolution of an Outbreak: Charting the Mainstream Print Media's Formation of Epidemiological, Social, and Political AIDS Discourse in the Absence and Reassertion of State Biopower PDF
Cassidy, Benjamin
2013 Resurrecting Emerson: An Investigation of Self-Reliance's Presence in Society and Solitude PDF
Cinti, Dylan
2013 Edgar Huntly is lost in the dark: Charles Brockden Brown and the ambivalent American Gothic PDF
DelBene, Kaitlyn
2013 The Contemplatif Life: Social and Political Sovereignty and Chaucer's Oxford Clerk PDF
Hansen, Trent
2013 Writing the Unreal: Authorship and Identity in Henry Darger's In the Realms of the Unreal PDF
Hummer, Katelyn
2013 The Green in White Noise: Consumption, Technology, and the Environment PDF
Kim, Joshua
2013 Pleasures of Horror: the Myth of the Modern and the Late Medieval Self PDF
Lalley, Elizabeth
2013 "Thus, as I believe": Darwin's Presence as Proof in The Origin of Species PDF
Partamian, Laura
2013 Becoming a Virgin: The Rhetorical Development of Queen Elizabeth I PDF
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