Divisional Affairs - Contact List

Linda Kentes, Senior Manager Divisional Affairs

Operational issues for Divisional Affairs and supervision of Divisional Affairs staff

Administrative oversight for Executive Committee – promotions, recruitment,  appeals, external reviews

Pool Reports and Campus visit reimbursement approvals for faculty

Academic Personnel Background Checks




2158 LSA Bldg.

(734) 647-3741

Renée Silverthorn, Executive Secretary

Scheduling for Senior Manager, Divisional Affairs

Administrative support for Divisional Affairs team

External Reviews




2149B LSA Bldg.

(734) 764-8474

Brenda Suliman, Executive Secretary

DEC coordination for Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences

C&D Brown Bag Meetings

Pool reports and Race/Ethnicity/Gender survey requests

External reviews




2113 LSA Bldg.

(734) 647-2762

Michele Bearinger, Executive Secretary

Administrative Support and Scheduling for Associate Deans of Humanities, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences

Pool reports and Race/Ethnicity/Gender survey requests

External reviews

Website content management for Divisional Affairs




2113 LSA Bldg.

(734) 647-2115

Steve Beach, Research Administrative Coordinator

First level review of grant proposals

Provide guidance to units and follow-up on missing proposal materials

Maintain LSA research database on submitted and funded research proposals, cost sharing arrangements, etc.

Review and signoff on proposals in the absence of the Senior Research Process Manager

Coordinate annual internal funding programs for LSA (Michigan Humanities/ Baldwin Awards)

Prepare notifications of LSA Research Awards (i.e., LSA Discretionary, LSA Cost-Sharing, etc.)




2149A LSA Bldg.

(734) 647-3667

Kathe Harrison, Senior Academic Administrative Specialist

Policies and procedures for recruitment of instructional faculty and LEO lecturer IIIs, additional instructional appointments for existing faculty (wet or dry), fractional shifts in instructional appointments, third-year reviews of tenure-track faculty, family-friendly policies, leaves, and reviews of LEO lecturers III and IV

Review request for new instructional appointments, additional/shifts in appointment, and promotions

Approval of tenure-track and LEO lecturer III offer letters and memoranda of understanding (MOUs)

Request Provost funding for Faculty Expansion Program positions

Regents communications

Review and revise web content




2152 LSA Bldg.

(734) 615-0658

Mandy Harrison, Academic Human Resource Specialist

Administrative liaison for Executive Committee – promotions, recruitment, appeals, external reviews

Notification of Executive Committee actions

Review of recruitment, promotion, and lecturer renewal case materials

Approval of modified duties and delays of tenure requests

Approval of leaves for instructional faculty (sabbatical, duty off-campus, scholarly activity, leaves without salary)

Sabbatical equity computation and sabbatical exception requests




2150 LSA Bldg.

(734) 615-0659

Jo Ann Munce, Dual Career Program Coordinator

Dual career partner assistance

Provost funding for dual career hires

Faculty retentions – coordination with Associate Deans

Provost commitment funds – PFIP

Policy and procedure review and development

Review and revise web content




2155 LSA Bldg.

(734) 764-2430

Peggy Westrick, Research Process Senior Manager

First contact for Research Administration issues that cannot be answered at department level

Research proposals both internal and external:  advise faculty and staff, review documentation, and sign on behalf of the College

Research accounts both discretionary and cost sharing:  approve funding requests

Research Scientist/Postdoctoral Research Fellows:  advise faculty and staff, review documentation, and sign dossiers on behalf of the College

eGIF – answer questions regarding functionality of the system



2146 LSA Bldg.

(734) 647-2151


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