Divisional Affairs - Contact List

Linda Kentes, Senior Manager Divisional Affairs

  • Operational issues for Divisional Affairs & Supervision of Divisional Affairs Staff
  • Provost Commitment Funds – PFIP
  • Policy and Procedure Review & Development
  • Campus Visit Reimbursement Approvals for Faculty


2158 LSA Bldg.

Michele Bearinger, Administrative Assistant Senior  

  • Scheduling for Senior Manager Divisional Affairs
  • Web Editing for Divisional Affairs


2149 B  LSA Bldg.

Brenda Suliman, Executive Secretary (Natural Sciences)

  • Scheduling for Associate Dean of Natural Science
  • C&D  Brown Bag Meetings
  • Pool reports and Race/Ethnicity/Gender Survey Requests
  • External Reviews
  • Coordinate annual internal funding programs for LSA (Baldwin Awards)


2113 LSA Bldg.


Renee Silverthorn, Executive Secretary (Social Sciences & Humanities)

  • Scheduling for Associate Deans of Social Science and Humanities
  • C&D Brown Bag Meetings
  • Pool reports and Race/Ethnicity/Gender Survey Requests
  • External Reviews
  • Coordinate annual internal funding programs for LSA (Michigan Humanities Awards)


2113 LSA Bldg.


Steve Beach, Research Administration Coordinator

  • First contact for Research Administration issues that cannot be answered at department level
  • First level review of grant proposals
  • eGIF-answer questions regarding functionality of the system
  • Provide guidance to units and follow-up on missing  proposal materials
  • Maintain LSA research database on submitted and funded research proposals, cost sharing arrangements, etc.
  • Review and signoff on proposals in the absence of the Senior Research Process Manager
  • Prepare notifications of LSA Research Awards (ie LSA Discretionary, LSA Cost-sharing awards, etc)
  • Web Editing for Research


2149A LSA Bldg.


Deborah Erskine, Senior Academic Appointment Specialist

  • Policies and procedures for employment of:  faculty, primary research scientists, research fellows, LEO Lecturers and visitors in any academic category
  • Process appointment request and submittal forms for: new hires, short code changes, additional appointments for current instructional employees, effort changes, overloads, resignations,  deaths, sick leaves
  • “How to” LSA Academic HR training in form submission for LKAG/Executive Secretaries in LSA units
  • Questions or problem solving on any aspect of instructional employees appointments including pay issues and benefits
  • Chair & Director Flex Funds


2156 LSA Bldg.


Kathe Harrison, Academic Administrative Specialist

  • First contact for policies and procedures related to recruitment of instructional faculty and LEO lecturer IIIs, promotions of tenure-track and research faculty, additional instructional appointments for existing faculty (wet or dry), fractional shifts in instructional appointments, and 3rd year reviews of tenure-track faculty
  • Approval of tenure-track and LEO lecturer III offer letters and memoranda of understanding (MOUs)
  • Review of recruitment case materials for tenure track faculty
  • Review of promotion case materials for tenure track and research faculty
  • Questions related to Regents communications
  • Questions related to Provost funding for Faculty Expansion Program positions 


2152 LSA Bldg.


Mandy Harrison, Academic Human Resource Specialist

  • Administrative Liaison for Executive Committee – Promotions, Recruitment,  Appeals, External Reviews
  • First contact for policies and procedures related to family-friendly policies, faculty leaves and reviews of LEO lectures III and IV
  • Review of recruitment, promotion, and lecturer case materials
  • Notification of Executive Committee Actions
  • Approval process for modified duties requests
  • Approval process for faculty leaves (sabbatical, duty off-campus, scholarly activity, leaves without salary)
  • Sabbatical equity computation and preparation of sabbatical exception requests


2150 LSA Bldg.


Tom Hart, Human Resource Assistant

  • GSI, GSRA and GSSA appointments-including HR paperwork and workflow approval
  • PeoplePay for instructional employees and instructional duties
  • Submittal forms for Leaves after Executive Committee approval
  • Faculty Retirements – Coordination with Associate Deans on negotiation of retirements
  • Retirement Memoirs and Emeritus/Emitera Faculty designations


2160 LSA Bldg.


Jo Ann Munce, Dual Career Partner Assistance

  • Dual Career Partner Assistance
  • Provost Funding for Dual Career Hires
  • Faculty Retentions – Coordination with Associate Deans
  • Divisional Affairs Web Content


2155 LSA Bldg.


Peggy Westrick, Senior Research Process Manager

  • Research proposals both internal and external. Advise faculty and staff, review documentation, and sign on behalf of the College
  • Research accounts both discretionary and cost sharing; approve funding requests
  • Research Scientist/Postdoctoral Research Fellows; advise faculty and staff, review documentation, and sign dossiers on behalf of the College
  • Manage new or special research initiatives for the College


2146 LSA Bldg.



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