Revised April 2014

Once an existing faculty member has established a joint appointment, he/she may wish to modify the effort by changing the fractions in units where he/she is appointed.  These modifications are known as shifts in appointment and require College Executive Committee approval, but not Provost or Regents approvals.  To establish a joint appointment, see

For junior (tenure-track) faculty, the initial appointment and the 3rd-year review are particularly appropriate times to consider a shift in appointment.  However, title and effort changes cannot be made in the two years before the tenure review.

Senior (tenured) faculty members may request a shift in appointment at any time.

Effective dates for all shifts in appointment are limited to January 1 and September 1.

At all ranks the units must formalize a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which governs the terms of the appointment shift – from funding the position to how the promotion review (where appropriate) will be handled.  The best time to capture these agreements is when the units’ are discussing the faculty member’s request.  The LSA template MOUs for junior (tenure-track) and senior (tenured) faculty may be found at

Appointment Shift Requests:

The process begins when a faculty member requests a shift in his/her appointment fraction and next steps are outlined below:

  1. The first approvals come from all the units involved.  If one of these units is outside LSA, approval from the dean of that school/college is also needed.
  2. The next approval is from the LSA Executive Committee.  Once the Dean’s office has approved the draft offer and draft MOU, and the units receive the email notification that the Executive Committee has approved the request, the offer may be sent to the candidate.

Preparing a Request for Executive Committee Approval:

Send request packets for appointment shifts to Mandy Harrison (; 2150 LSA Bldg., 615-0659) for scheduling on the next available Executive Committee agenda.

The packet should include:

  1. Completed Faculty Appointment Shift Request Form;
  2. A cover memo addressed to the College Executive Committee and signed by the chair(s)/director(s) of all the units involved.  The memo should discuss:
    1. the reasons for the shift in appointment and the implications for the units, including courses to be taught and corresponding enrollments;
    2. how the role of the faculty member will change in each unit (e.g., mentoring of students or junior faculty, teaching a course, participating in a seminar series, providing expertise in an area not covered by current faculty in the unit, etc.);
    3. how the unit where the fraction is increasing will fund the increase; and
    4. effective date of shift (either 1/1/ or 9/1).
  3. If the cover memo does not include a signature from the primary unit/school/college, include a memo or an email from the chair/director/dean of the primary unit/school/college saying they are aware of and support this appointment shift;
  4. A memo or email request from the faculty member;
  5. A current CV;
  6. An offer worksheet, the draft offer letter, and draft Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).  These are reviewed by the Offer Group.  Use the junior (tenure-track) or senior (tenured) templates from the recruitment guidelines at

Submitting the Appointment Paperwork:

Once the draft offer and MOU are approved by the Dean’s office, and the Executive Committee has approved the request, units may send the offer to the faculty member.  Once he/she has accepted units may send the submittal to Deb Erskine (2156 LSA Bldg) for processing.  Please remember to forward a .pdf of the final signed offer letter and signed MOU to Kathe Harrison (

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