Firstname SURNAME, Ph.D., Principal Investigator

Professor Surname will coordinate and supervise all aspects of this project. BRIEF LIST OF SPECIFIC THINGS THAT WILL BE DONE IN SUMMER MONTH(S) PER THE NARRATIVE.  Support for 1 month of summer salary (AY SALARY/9 plus FRINGE BENEFITS @28% of AY SALARY) is requested for these functions.    

Graduate Student Research Assistant (GSRA) – Candidate only

GSRA support is requested for PURPOSE (e.g., a student fluent in Chinese who will be responsible for creating a corpus of articles and editorials from a cross-section of newspapers in 5 Chinese cities that address TOPIC so that we can analyze xxx). Support for 0.5 effort of a post-candidate GSRA is required for 9 months = GSRA AY salary*0.5 plus FRINGE BENEFITS @30% of GSRA SALARY) is requested.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Temporary/hourly research assistants will be hired on an “as needed” basis to take primary responsibility for PURPOSE (e.g., testing of participants in a Psychology experiment).   Hours are based on XXX (e.g., the participant hours calculated for each study in this proposal). A total of XXX hours are requested. Total undergraduate RA costs are estimated at $XXX (e.g., $XXX = 320 total participants*1.5 hours per participant * $X/hour (plus 8 percent FICA)).


ERP system – Funds are requested to purchase 1 ERP system from Cortech/Bio-Semi  ($45,088 plus $3,310 for supplies). This amount includes the ActiveTwo 32+ 8 channel EEG base system, which is both more cost-effective and appropriate for pediatric recording than systems with larger numbers (64, 128 channels) of electrodes.  This equipment is itemized together with additional components listed under supplies in the attached quote from Cortech.  This system is ideal for our purposes because xxx. Cost-sharing has been obtained from LSA’s Department of XXX.  A total of $20,000 is requested from LSA for this equipment.


LCD Projector and screen @2,300; 2 desktop computers (Mac) @$1,400 each; Speakers/Yamaha MSP3 (2 sets @ $170/ea), Noise cancelling headphones (2), $150; SONY Mini-DV Camcorders, 2 

@$1,000/each; Computer software, $1,000; and general supplies, including recording DVD’s, portable hard drives, etc.), $1,387. In addition, $3,310 of ERP supplies (electrodes, gel, etc., as itemized in invoice from Cortech).


I plan to travel to Japan two times in 2016 and 2017, for a total of 35 days, to observe significant

cultural events (xx, xx), spend 10 days working in the xx archives, and interview key players. The cost of this travel is estimated as follows:

Roundtrip airfare, 2 trips at $1,600 each = $3,200

Lodging, 35 nights at $150 = $5250

Per diem, 35 days at an average of $110 per day = $3850

Ground travel between airport and Kyoto, 2 trips at $300 per round-trip $600

Inter-city travel between Kobe, Kyoto, and Tokyo, by train or bus, 2 trips at $300 per trip $600


While I am in Japan, I will collect archival documents and acquire copies of relevant publications and materials that are not available in the United States. In addition, I will be conducting online interviews with Japanese and non-Japanese professionals involved in disaster relief during 3 periods from 2007-2011. I estimate these costs as follows:

Japanese books and DVDs not available elsewhere $600

Photocopying documents in Japan, 500 pages at $0.25 each = $125

Mailing or baggage costs for shipping books and documents to US = $60

Recruitment of participants (advertising costs) $600;

Online interviews of 50-60 interviews @$10/interview


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