(Last revision: June, 2012)

Delaying the tenure review is an option for tenure-track faculty members who experience life events that may affect their progress towards tenure. Such events might include:

  • becoming a parent (e.g., birth or adoption)
  • personal illness
  • illness of an immediate family member
  • elder care
  • other reasons beyond the faculty member’s control that have hindered his/her progress toward tenure

More information can be found in the Standard Practice Guide.

Faculty are expected to fulfill their normal responsibilities during the time the tenure review is delayed unless they have been granted a period of modified duties or medical leave.

Whenever a delay in the tenure review process is granted, it is granted with the clear expectation that the eventual tenure evaluation process will not involve any change in the standards or criteria applied for tenure review. Thus, the delay in the tenure review is granted in recognition that there has been time lost to the tenure candidate that may only be compensated for by a delay in the tenure review.

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