A faculty member who has not yet had his/her third-year review may wish to delay the third-year review.  The only way to delay a third-year review is to request postponement of that review along with a request for delay of tenure review.


A delay of tenure review is available to a tenure track faculty member who has experienced a life event as described previously in this document.  A delay of tenure review:

  • must be submitted within one year of the life event
  • must be requested no later than April 1 of the 5th year on the tenure track
  • does not preclude tenure review at the normal time
  • is available immediately upon employment at the University
  • requires approval by the College Executive Committee
  • is for a period of one year at a time with a maximum of two years and may not extend beyond a total of eight years of service unless approved in writing by the Provost
  • may not be for events occurring in the final year of a faculty member's tenure probationary period
  • is granted for a newly born or adopted child and is available to both parents who meet the following eligibility criteria:
    • employed at the University in a rank eligible for this benefit
    • have equal care-giving responsibilities for the child.

A faculty member who receives one or two delays of the tenure review and is not awarded tenure may be appointed for a terminal year in his/her current title.


  1. A faculty member who wishes to request a delay in the tenure review should submit a written request to the appropriate chair/director.  This request should include:
    • the reasons for the delay of tenure review
    • the academic year for which this exclusion is requested
    • any other relevant information, and
    • a current CV
  2. The chair/director will attach a memo supporting the request and forward the documents to Mandy Harrison (615-0659; 2150 LSA) for Divisional Associate Dean review and Executive Committee approval.
  3. Once the request has been reviewed by the College Executive Committee, the unit (chair/director, key administrator, secretary) will receive an email notification of the approval/denial.

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See SPG 201.92, "Tenure Clock Probationary Period: Effects on Tenure Clock of Childbearing and Dependent Care Responsibilities," for the related University policy.   

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