A faculty member who has not yet had his/her third-year review may wish to delay the third-year review.  The only way to delay a third-year review is to request postponement of that review along with a request for delay of tenure review.


A delay of tenure review is available to a tenure track faculty member who has experienced a life event as described previously in this document.  A delay of tenure review:

  • must be submitted within one year of the life event
  • must be requested no later than April 1 of the 5th year on the tenure track
  • does not preclude tenure review at the normal time
  • is available immediately upon employment at the University
  • requires approval by the College Executive Committee
  • is for a period of one year at a time with a maximum of two years and may not extend beyond a total of eight years of service unless approved in writing by the Provost
  • may not be for events occurring in the final year of a faculty member's tenure probationary period
  • is granted for a newly born or adopted child and is available to both parents who meet the following eligibility criteria:
    • employed at the University in a rank eligible for this benefit
    • have equal care-giving responsibilities for the child.

A faculty member who receives one or two delays of the tenure review and is not awarded tenure may be appointed for a terminal year in his/her current title.


  1. A faculty member who wishes to request a delay in the tenure review should submit a written request to the appropriate chair/director.  This request should include:
    • the reasons for the delay of tenure review
    • the academic year for which this exclusion is requested
    • any other relevant information, and
    • a current CV
  2. The chair/director will attach a memo supporting the request and forward the documents to Mandy Harrison (615-0659; 2150 LSA) for Divisional Associate Dean review and Executive Committee approval.
  3. Once the request has been reviewed by the College Executive Committee, the unit (chair/director, key administrator, secretary) will receive an email notification of the approval/denial.
  4. If the delay in tenure request is denied by the College or by the Provost, the Divisional Associate Dean will communicate this to the appropriate chair/director.
  5. After the notification of approval, the faculty member will receive a letter from the dean outlining the terms of the delay(s) in tenure and asking for the faculty member to sign and return the letter within 10 business days. The letter will be cc’d to the unit chair/director and key administrator.

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See SPG 201.92, "Tenure Clock Probationary Period: Effects on Tenure Clock of Childbearing and Dependent Care Responsibilities," for the related University policy.   

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