Effective Jan. 1, 2013

Updated March 8, 2016

Child Travel Expense Support

The demands of parenting young children under the age of six present special challenges to faculty who need to participate in academic conferences or other academic events as part of their scholarly research activity.  Through its family friendly policies, the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts strongly supports tenure-track faculty in the College who are working to balance family and scholarly research obligations.  In an effort to provide resources to those who are caring for young children so that they may attend important conferences or other events requiring travel, the College of LSA will provide financial support up to a maximum dollar amount of $1,000 per faculty member per fiscal year for approved travel expenses for children under the age of six (that is, up to and including age five).  Please note that the IRS considers this taxable income.


  1. The top section of the Reimbursement Request for Child Travel Expenses Form should be completed by the requesting faculty member and be submitted to the chair’s/director’s office for approval prior to the planned travel.  The signed approval form should then be retained until the trip is complete.  
    Note:  Examples of allowable expenses include: child’s airfare, car seat rental, crib rental, day-care charges, etc.  Expenses must be related to the faculty member’s approved travel and should include appropriate documentation of the expense (invoice, receipt, etc…).  Expenses for childcare provided by a spouse/partner/other family member should generally not be approved.
    Questions regarding allowable expenses may be directed to the unit’s financial analyst.
  2. Promptly upon return from the trip, the faculty member should complete the bottom section of the Reimbursement Request for Child Travel Expenses Form bearing the approval signatures, attach the appropriate receipts and submit them to the chair’s/director's office for reimbursement processing.
    1. Reimbursed child travel expenses are considered taxable income by the IRS.  Reimbursement to the faculty member should be processed as Additional Pay using the normal online process with the UNS earnings code – Be sure to enter the name of your LSA Finance Business Analyst in the notify section of the additional pay workflow.  In addition, please include the travel purpose and dates within the comment field in the additional pay submission and attach the approved reimbursement request form.  This will allow the College transfer of funds to occur smoothly.
    2. P-Cards should not be used for child-travel expenses.  If a P-Card is used, the child-travel costs should be designated as “personal expense” and will be deducted from the faculty member’s pay via the standard Concur process for personal expenses.

Complete the Reimbursement Request for Child Travel Expenses


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