Chartfield Lookup *

This gives the ability to lookup the Chartfield information by either the Shortcode, Project Grant, Dept ID, and Program or any combination.

Faculty Flex Funding Form

This form may be used to help track commitments to faculty where the faculty member is allowed to request the use of his/her discretionary funds to pay his/her salary. This form is not mandatory and could be modified based on specific unit needs.

Graduate Funding Plan (Excel file)

Contains a budget planning spreadsheet for graduate student support.

LSA Program Use Chart

Contains the long title of the program code with a description of uses, along with whether it has fringe benefits funded from the college. Revised January 2016.

LSA Recommended Account List (Excel file)

This list reflects the most commonly used account values within the College of LSA.

New Key Ad Meeting Agenda

This document provides helpful links for New Key Administrators

Revised June 2015

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