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February 2014

Dear Colleagues,

You are receiving this message because you are part of the lsafinstaff@umich.edu group. This email list is used by the LSA Budget & Finance team to provide you with financial related news and updates, which we feel will be useful to all units.

Procurement Information Session

For those of you who did not attend the Procurement Information Session LSA provided on January 28, 2014, one of the topics discussed was Conlin Travel.  Conlin Travel provides 24/7/365 travel assistance for a variety of your travel needs. Conlin Travel has full service travel agents to assist with complex itineraries or international travel. The services include air, rail, hotel, car rental and car service reservations, group travel services, visa/passport services, foreign currency exchange, destination information, as well as leisure and vacation planning assistance for personal travel.

For more information, visit the online booking tool on Wolverine Access or Conlin's Information Travel Portal.

P-Card Ownership

As a reminder, Procurement has details regarding the ownership of P-Cards, which state that P-Cards should be used only by the person to whom the card is issued (the cardholder), and should not be used to pay for expenses incurred by other U-M faculty/staff.  

While some units use the card more broadly, the practice is not supported by P-Card policy. The cardholder is responsible for the accounting of all charges to their P-Card. This means that items "coded as a personal expense" and submitted within Concur will serve as the written consent to deduct from the cardholder's pay. The cardholder, therefore, must collect reimbursement directly from the faculty/staff member who incurred the expense. Units are therefore discouraged from using the P-Card in this manner.

The P-Card should be treated with the same security as a personal credit card. Some tips for keeping the card secure: 

  • Keep it with you-do not lock it in a desk or file cabinet.
  • Do not write any portion of the P-Card number down or share the number with others.
  • Do not give the P-Card number to a merchant to "keep on file". Sending copies of the front and back of your P-Card to vendors with whom you are doing business is discouraged. This practice opens a greater window of opportunity for fraudulent activity to be placed on the card.

For more information about P-Cards, visit:  

ICRX-Class for Commencement Activities

As we approach commencement planning time it is very important to determine whether transactions should be coded as indirect cost recovery excluded (ICRX) to ensure compliance with sponsored activity.  The University’s Policy on Indirect Cost Recovery Excluded (ICRX) Expenditures provides detailed guidance on which expenses need this classification, with a helpful reference table in Appendix A.  Commencement is one of the expense categories that should always be ICRX.  Please help us ensure that all commencement activities, as well as all other appropriate expenses, are processed with the appropriate ICRX classification.

Changes for Journal Entry Users

Effective February 4, 2014 users who enter journal entries have the ability to attach supporting documentation directly to the Journal Entry page in M-Pathways Financial and Physical Resources system. Changes can be made to the attached supporting documentation until the journal entry is posted.  The “Add Support” link appears on the Header tab after the journal entry has been saved and an ID has been assigned.  To view support that has been attached in M-Pathways, the “Imaged Document” link has been replaced with the “View Support” link.

Also, a cover sheet is no longer required for Non-Sponsored journal entries. Cover sheets for Sponsored journal entries can still be emailed to jesupport@umich.edu. Supporting documentation for Sponsored journal entries can be attached directly to the journal entry and is no longer needed in the email.

For more information on Journal Entries, see Journal Entry – Training and Documentation in My LINC at https://maislinc.umich.edu/mais/html/GL_JE_resourcespage.html.

New Internal Controls Tool

Internal Controls requires that merchants and depositing locations maintain a current list of authorized users with the Treasurer's Office.  Coming soon, units will be able to maintain their own authorized users within M-Pathways Financial & Physical Resources System and will discontinue sending lists to the Treasurer's Office.  In the coming weeks, the Treasurer's Office will send an email notification with instructions regarding this new process to primary merchant contacts and primary/secondary depository contacts.  This will NOT affect units that process cash deposits using paper cash receipt tickets.

eReconciliation Enhancements and Tips

Effective February 2, 2014 a new Shortcode column was added to the Payroll Summary Tab. This enhancement resolves the issue related to the calculation of 'Salary from Prior Month' as well as assists with the cross-reconciliation of data between all related pages.  

Additional enhancements and tips are attached.

Travel Policy Mileage Reimbursement Rate

Effective February 1, 2014, the university's rate for mileage reimbursement on personal vehicles will change to 56.0 cents per mile, from 56.5 cents per mile, for qualified university business travel that commences on, or after, that date.  This is consistent with the recent Federal Travel Regulation mileage reimbursement rate decrease.

To read the university's Travel Policy, which includes more information about mileage reimbursement, please visit: http://spg.umich.edu/pdf/507.10-1.pdf.

UM Expense Approver Refresher Course (TEE103)

Procurement Services has partnered with ITS to deliver condensed approver training for Concur approvers called the Concur Expense Approver Refresher Training (TEE103). Under U-M approver requirements, new expense approvers must take the full approver course (TEE102) at least once. Thereafter, approver training is required every three years, with the option of the full course or the condensed refresher course (TEE103).

With the three year requirement effective 11/1/2013, any expense approver who has taken approver training since 7/1/2013 has three years before they must take additional training. Anyone who has completed their most recent approver training prior to 7/1/2013 will be required to take approver training by the 12 month anniversary of the last completion date. This approver training can be either the full course (TEE102) or the refresher course (TEE103).

Expense approvers completing training 7/1/2013 and later will receive an e-mail notification prior to the date their certification is due to expire.

For more information, visit the Procurement Services website for Travel and Expense System (Concur): http://www.finance.umich.edu/procurement/travelexpense/concur and Concur resources.

Please let your analyst know if you have any questions or needs related to any of these items.

Thank you for all of your efforts.

The Budget and Finance Team

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