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September 2015

Dear Colleagues,

You are receiving this message because you are part of the lsafinstaff@umich.edu group. This email group is used by the LSA Budget & Finance team to provide you with financial related news, updates, and occasional training announcements which we feel will be useful to all units. 

Changes to your Project/Grant Budget Status Reports

When you review your Project/Grant Budget Status Reports in the future, you may notice the references in MPathways have changed from A-21 Monitored to UG Monitored costs(Ex: Administrative Salaries (A-21 Monitored)  becomes Administrative Salaries (UG Monitored). This is to comply with the Uniform Guidance (UG).

Additionally, Sponsored Programs requested MPathways system changes to ensure that the 
UG monitored costs appear under the right category. The summary data of monitored costs may appear under a different area, simply because of how the UG classifies costs. For example, computer supplies previously appeared under Research Supplies & Services, and now will appear under General Support/Other. This change won't impact the way you work, but we wanted you to be aware.

Recent Updates to the SPG

U-M has updated its Accounts Receivable and Fiscal Responsibilities Standard Practice Guides (SPGs), effective July 1, 2015. Both SPGs were revised based on the launch of the university‚Äôs Shared Services Center (SSC).

Enhancements to MReports

ITS and SSC partnered to enhance the Finance Yearly Trend and Finance Five Year Trend Report.  You now have an option to view transactions by Rev/Exp account group or by Source/Use account group on the management report roll-ups.  The Finance Yearly Trend and Finance Five Year Trend Report can be located on the Management Reports tab in MReports.  This option will be available on several other management reports in the future.  

Changes to Notifications for New Project Grants and Shortcodes

As a result of staff feedback, effective Monday, August 24, email notifications confirming the establishment of new project/grants and ShortCodes will be sent to the Requester, as well as the Project Director and Single Administrative Point of Contact (SAPOC).  The notifications will also include more detailed information.  Please note that for ChartField batch processing (i.e., requests with more than one new project/grant or ShortCode), only the Requester will be notified.

Enhancements to CONCUR rolled out on August 25

  • Cash Advance Documentation and Recall: Requesters can attach documentation such as a list of expected expenses to their cash advance requests. This enhancement allows approvers and administrators to expedite reviews of cash advance requests. Requesters can now also recall cash advance requests, similar to how expense reports can be recalled.

  • Business Purpose Categories: End users are now able to easily select a business purpose category from a number of options available on a drop-down menu. Each category includes details on other information that is required to meet the university's requirements.  

Lump sum advance process streamlined

The SSC has changed how they communicate the 5-digit lump sum advance number and the assigned voucher number once a request has been completed.  Effective Monday, September 28, the lump sum advance number is displayed in the short description field of your assigned case as in this example: Lump Sum Request LS12345.  The voucher number created for the lump sum will be located in the additional comments field.  Previously, both values were located in the additional comments field.  If you have questions about the change to the lump sum advance process, please contact accountingcustomerservice@umich.edu

New in My LINC! Job Aids for Running Financial Unit Management Reports
We are pleased to announce the availability of new job aids in My LINC that detail the step by step procedures for running financial unit management reports in MReports (see list below).  To locate the job aids, type MReports in the Activity Search field in My LINC and click the magnifying glass.  

MReports job aids include:
  • Approver Table Roles
  • Finance 5 Year Trend
  • Finance Reconciliation Detail
  • Finance Yearly Trend
  • GPR - Payroll Actuals vs Estimates
  • GPR - Payroll 5 Year Trend
  • GPR - Payroll Funding Department / Appointing Department Mismatch
  • GPR - Payroll Yearly Trend
  • Journal Entries Initiated Outside Department
  • Journal Entries Pending Approval
  • Procurement 5 Year Trend
  • Procurement Spend
  • Procurement Yearly Trend
  • Service Unit Billing 5 Year Trend
  • Service Unit Billing Yearly Trend
  • Student Financial Activity
Thank you,

The Budget and Finance Team

Please note: This email group (lsafinstaff) is open to any financial staff that would benefit from hearing about financial updates from LSA. To join this email group, please send Deb Boissoneau (lsafinstaff-requests@umich.edu) an email asking to be added to this list. If you are no longer in a financial role within LSA and wish to be removed, please send a request to lsafinstaff-requests@umich.edu.

These quarterly emails can also be found on the LSA Budget and Finance website under the News and Events section:http://www.lsa.umich.edu/facstaff/budgetandfinance/newsandevents/budgetandfinancequarterlyemail


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