If you have any questions about these policies, please contact your Financial Analyst.

Cellphones and Portable Electronics Guidelines

Provides the guidelines for new SPG on Tech Tools.   

Child Travel Expense Policy

This links to guidelines set forth by LSA Academic Affairs related to child travel expenses.

Computer Upgrades for Faculty

Links to guidelines set forth by the College of LSA IT department related to Faculty computer upgrades.

Continuous Enrollment Plan for Graduate Students

Revised December 2009.

Data Backup System Policy

Created January 2012.

Effort Generating Ninths Guidelines

Revised November 2012.  

Effort Reporting for Tenure Track Faculty

The "Re-Implementation of Effort Reporting in LSA" document describes the College's new effort reporting model.

Extended Travel Policy

Revised October 2012.  

Faculty Grants for Innovations in Teaching with Technology

Links to guidelines set forth by the College of LSA's Instructional Technology Committee related to Faculty technology awards.

Fellowship Policy for Tenure Track Faculty

Revised May 2015.

Financial Oversight

Provides the guidelines set forth by the College of LSA related to minimum financial management and oversight. Revised February 2016.

Hosting Policy

Revised September 2014

Click here for a copy of UM's sales tax exemption document.

Immigration Fees Policy

Revised May 2013.  

Instructional Budget Model Policy and Procedures

Created May 2014.

Lab Fee Policy

Revised December 2014.  

LFDEP Bank Process

Created August 2013.

Mentoring Policy and Request Form

Michigan Humanities Award

Links to information relating to the Michigan Humanities Awards.

Michigan Society of Fellows

Revised November 2010.

P-card and Expense Reimbursement Review Policy for Chairs & Key Ads 

Revised July 2014.

Professorship Policy

Provides the guidelines set forth by the College of LSA related to the various types of University Professorships. Revised February 2016.

Provost Discretionary Funds Policy

Links to the Provost's policy statement on the use of faculty research and discretionary accounts.

Real-Time Financials Best Practices

Revised July 2009

Recruitment Search Candidate Campus Visit Funding

Provides guidelines related to funding for faculty search candidates.

Recruitment Support for Tenure Track Faculty

Provides guidelines for tenure track faculty making campus visits.  Revised April 2013.  

Relocation Support Procedures for Faculty

Provides the guidelines set forth by the College of LSA related to moving and relocation for new faculty. Please contact your Business Analyst in the Dean's Office if you have any questions. Revised April 2013.

RESIN Policy

Revised October 2010.

Salary Cap Management Guidelines

Created March 2015.

Salary on Sponsored Funds Guidelines for Tenure Track Faculty

Revised January 2013.  

Staff Recognition and Team-Building Guidelines

Revised November 2015.

Startup Cost Sharing for New Tenure Track Faculty Policy

Link to the LKAG Divisional Affairs documents in the LKAG Sharepoint site.  

Student Payments Best Practices

Revised July 2013.  

Summer Salary in Excess of Two Months Request Form

This links to information, as well as the request form for Faculty that would like to take more than the normal two months of summer salary.  Updated February 2015.  

Term III Process Policy

Revised November 2015.  

Transition Procedures for Faculty

Revised August 2011.

UGPRG - Undergraduate Funding

Revised November 2010.

Undergraduate Student Teaching Awards


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