LSA Ergonomic Furniture & Equipment Guidelines

When a staff or faculty member requests an ergonomic assessment the request must be approved by the key administrator or facility supervisor.

The Key Ad or Facility Supervisor then makes the request to LSA Facilities at 734.764.0323 or email Include the staff or faculty member’s name and office number and if the staff member requesting the assessment is currently seeing a doctor or has seen a doctor in the past for their ailments.

The request for assessment will be forwarded to Occupational Safety & Environmental Health (OSEH). If the staff member is currently seeing or has been seen by a doctor for their ailments, the request will be handled by MHealthy.

Once the assessment is completed by OSEH or MHealthy the recommendations are sent to LSA Facilities, the customer and their Key Ad or Facility supervisor.

Then LSA Facilities will order the recommended equipment and makes sure its delivered to the customer.

MHealthy Contact: Suzanne Bade — 734.975.3042,

OSEH Contact: Sarah Cooney — 734.763.7704,

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