Room Reservation Procedures

Reserving Posting Wall and Atriums

Reservations of the Posting Wall, Chemistry, & East Hall atriums are handled by the LSA Facilities & Operations office.  Questions please call LSA Facilities at 734.764.0323 or by e-mail at 

*Please note a table is not included in your reservation.  Please supply your own table or contact LSA Student Government in Mason Hall or SORC in MI Union.   

To read rules, check availability, or make your online reservation Click Here.

We do not allow amplified sound, music, or performance of any kind in these spaces. The Michigan Union or LSA classrooms can be rented for such purposes. Michigan Union Events Service can be reached at 734.763.5911.

Reserving LSA Classrooms and Auditoria

How to Reserve: University departments should contact the Registrar's Office at 734.763.2113 or to reserve classrooms/auditoriums. Student groups should contact the SOAS office at 734.763.5767.

Applicable Fees: LSA allocates space for teaching laboratories, teaching support, seminar rooms and classrooms — some space is departmentally managed, some space is managed by the College. Use of those spaces is directly connected to the administrative, instructional, and research functions of the departments and the College. Activities which fall outside the scope of these primary missions of the College must follow expense sharing and event charge guidelines. This is true of College managed space, as well as department managed space. In accordance with this overarching principle, departments must share the expense and pay charges for events in departmentally and College managed spaces for:

1) Activities in which non-U-M groups or non-U-M individuals participate;
2) Events for which there is an admission or registration fee; or
3) Activities organized by non-U-M personnel.

For more details regarding the LSA Space Policy and a listing of examples of activities and events for which expenses must be shared, please view the Space Policy.


Flow Chart to Determine if a Room Reservation Will Incur Cost-Sharing Fees (PDF)

Cost-Sharing Fee Chart by Room Type and Capacity (PDF)

Sample Facility Use Agreement (PDF)

College Sponsorship Request Form (PDF)

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