LSA covers the cost associated with U-M sponsored conferences for staff such as the Women of Color Conference provided the supervisor or key administrator approves the request.  Supervisors may obtain the short code for registration by e-mailing LSA HR.

Other Local Training:

Requests for funds for other workshops, conferences, courses, etc. are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Requests should be submitted by the key administrator with answers to the following questions:

  • Is the training directly related to the employee's job duties and in an area of responsibility where skill improvement is needed?
  • Is this training something that is not offered by LPD or ITS, or offered at a similar cost?
  • Is the value of the training for the employee and the unit proportional to the cost of the training?
  • Is the unit and/or the employee willing to contribute funds towards the cost of the training?

Off-Site Training Involving Travel:

The Dean’s Office does not have a general budget to cover travel expenses and registration costs for staff development opportunities offered outside the local Ann Arbor area. Units are asked to anticipate and to budget such costs within their own budgets. Computing support staff should contact the LSA-IT office for information about funding for technology training not available locally.

Please direct questions and requests to LSA HR Administration.

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