Career Coaching (Student Services Job Family)

Career Coaching - Student Services Career Path

Introduction to the Concept of Career Coaching:
The Recruiting and Hiring Task Team of the HR Council was charged with providing a way to develop internal talent within LSA. The Task Team decided one of the most helpful ways to do this is to provide career coaching to LSA staff who are interested in exploring and advancing in a particular career path. These staff would have the opportunity to receive some "coaching" from an experienced LSA staff member in the particular career path that the staff member is interested in pursuing.
If you are trying to determine whether a career in Student Services is for you, the Coach may be able to arrange for you to "shadow" a Student Services person or have an informational interview with a Student Services person in an LSA unit.
Time Commitment for Career Coaches:
Career Coaching is an administration two-year time commitment with flexibility to extend an additional year. We will recommend that a Career Coach work with no more than two staff members at a stretch of time and meetings would be scheduled at the convenience of both the coach and staff member. The Career Coaches will meet with the Recruitment & Hiring Task Team for initial orientation and consultation. There will also be meetings at six month intervals so that the Task Team can help evaluate the process and provide consultation and support to the coaches.
Expectations of Protégé:  (person being coached)
During the coaching sessions you would be expected to:

  • Conduct a self-appraisal
  • Show up for meetings as planned
  • Come prepared with questions and homework
  • Be Flexible
  • Consider coach's advice
  • Set realistic goals
  • Respect boundaries

At the end of these coaching sessions (over whatever span of time you and your coach agree to), it is hoped that you will apply for at least one position in the Student Services career path.
How do I sign up for Career Coaching in Student Services?
If you are interested in Career Coaching in Student Services you may either contact one of the coaches directly or contact Paula Trail via email or 734.615.6122 our Student Services Career Information Coordinator. She will assist you in answering questions about the Coaching Program and/or help you select one of the Career Coaches listed below.
You may want to select a career coach based on your interest in a particular discipline or the background of the career coach. This choice is entirely up to you. We've provided you with some background information on each of the current coaches. These Career Coaches are volunteers and so the number of protégés they can coach at any one time will be limited.
Current Career Coaches for Student Services:
Christine Bolang

Christine Bolang is currently a Student Administration Assistant Senior in the Department of Mathematics, managing the undergraduate office. Christine actively recruits and advises prospective and current undergraduates; participates in development activities such as alumni relations, endowments and scholarships; her special projects experience includes the Center for Inquiry Based Learning and the Michigan Math and Science Scholars Program. Additional responsibilities involve managing the undergraduate accounts and undergraduate curriculum.  Christine began her career at the University of Michigan in Student Academic Affairs as an Academic Services Clerk working for the LSA Academic Standards Board. She then continued her career development as an Administrative Assistant in the LSA Academic Advising Office and the Health Sciences Scholars Program. Christine earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in History and Women's Studies from Albion College and has worked at the University of Michigan for 10 years.

Elizabeth Branch

Elizabeth Branch is the Director of Student Services (Student Administration Manager) in the Physics Department. Elizabeth joined the university in 1996 and has worked in the Physics Department since that time. She began her career as the Graduate Secretary and held two other student services positions and an accounting position before moving to her current position in August 2000. Elizabeth handles all GSI assignments and student related budgets. In addition, she oversees all administrative aspects of the graduate and undergraduate programs in physics. Elizabeth has experience in a variety of student services areas including graduate admissions and recruiting, financial aid, curriculum planning, undergraduate recruiting and database management. Elizabeth earned a B.S. in Business Administration from Cumberland College and recently obtained the M.A. in Organizational Management from Spring Arbor University.

Paula Trail

Paula is currently an Academic Program Officer in the LSA Dean's Office in Graduate Education. She works with units across LSA on recruitment and all other areas pertaining to graduate education. She also serves as a liaison between Rackham & LSA and has the opportunity to serve on cross-campus committees, working on new graduate education initiatives. She also serves on the LGRAD steering committee. Paula's background in Student Services started at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management where she held various positions working in the areas of admissions and recruitment, financial aid, and student affairs. Paula has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Michigan State University and is working on a Master's degree in Higher Education at U-M. She has worked in LSA since 2002.

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