This chart is meant for general use only. Specific facts may change the result for your case. Please consult the International Center at 764-9310 whenever you are determining the appropriate visa type for a visitor or new UM employee.

LSA Immigration Chart

In addition, consider these factors when deciding between an H-1B, J-1, B-1 or VWB:

USE J-1:
USE J-1:

If there is a possibility that the department will employ a person over 3-5 years and the foreign national is not likely to return to his/her home country


Foreign national intends to return to his/her home country


If stay in U.S. is more than 6 months long (B-1 country visitors) or if stay is more than 90 days (VWB country visitors)


If visitor is being paid honorarium, visit to UM is less than 9 days and visitor has not received more than 5 honorariums or expenses from other institutions in previous 6 months period

If a foreign national is ineligible to be on a J because of prior time in J status or 12 month bar


University does not intend to hire on permanent basis


If visitor is being paid an honorarium and will be at UM for more than 9 days


B-1 or VWB allow reimbursement for expenses incidental to temporary stay

UM salary must meet or exceed prevailing/actual wage


Foreign national has sufficient funding to meet J-1 requirements (not necessarily exclusively from UM salary)


If visitor provides any service to UM and/or will receive any salary

If spouse is on H-1B visa and foreign national would be subject to home residency requirement if put on J visa            



Prevailing Wage - What other workers in the area who do the same job are earning.

Actual Wage - What other workers at U-M who do the same job are earning.

Permanent - Without a definite end date.

Dual Intent - Allows an H1-B alien to be the beneficiary of an immigrant visa petition, apply for adjustment of status, or take other steps toward Lawful Permanent Resident status without affecting H-1B status

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