Aimee Germain

Graduate Student Coordinator, Women's Studies

Author: Cathy Conway-Perrin

Aimee Germain has come full circle. A coworker wrote, “She has lived all over the world, but chose to return to Ann Arbor and dedicate her career to the University of Michigan.” Her undergraduate years at U-M were followed by work in Chicago, Washington D.C., and Boston. She then moved to Europe when she was accepted into a graduate program at the London School of Economics and Political Science. There she earned a Masters in NGO Management (management of Non-Governmental Organizations/Non-Profits).

It’s apparent that the staff and faculty in the Women’s Studies Department are glad that Aimee returned to Ann Arbor. She came to Women’s Studies from the Alumni Association, where she held multiple positions of increasing responsibility over a six-year period. She joined Women’s Studies in August 2009. An academic at heart and by training, Aimee loves working closely with students and faculty and learning about their research. “I get to see the interesting parts without actually having to do the research,” she said with a smile.

Aimee is the Graduate Program Coordinator, and she supports the governance committee known as the Doctoral Programs Committee or DPC. A nominator wrote that she “has assumed a real leadership role on the DPC.” One of Aimee’s colleagues called her “the central organizational pillar of the DPC,” and credited her with the Program’s success in recruiting top applicants this year.

Other colleagues spoke eloquently of Aimee’s commitment to high-quality service and the creativity she used in redesigning processes and procedures. She developed a way to post graduate program applicant information online in a way that was “better organized and more user-friendly than ever before.”

These accomplishments are all the more impressive in light of the challenges that Aimee faced in the past year. Due to recent turnovers, many Women’s Studies staffers were new when Aimee started working there, so she didn’t have many experienced colleagues to guide her. Yet she still managed to find the right training or teach herself what she needed to know. In no time she had mastered—and in many cases gone well beyond—the expectations of her job.

When she’s not immersed in what her coworkers called her “relentless pursuit of excellence in every task” at work, Aimee loves to travel and is fascinated by politics. She described herself as a “news junky” who still enjoys reading the “old school” paper version of the New York Times. In fact, Aimee is “old school” in all of the most positive interpretations of that phrase. She is dedicated, hard-working, and according to her nominator, absolutely without fear. It’s not surprising, then, that her coworkers were quoted as saying, “We are fortunate to have Aimee on our team!”

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