David Smith

David Smith

LSA UG: Deputy Assistant Dean for Student Academic Affairs

Author: Angela Cox
Photographer: Aimee Germain

David Smith has been working for the University of Michigan since 1996.He started as a part time lecturer at the University of Michigan-Flint in 1996 and moved to the Ann Arbor campus in 1997 as a LSA Academic Advisor and occasional lecturer in History. He has been in his current position just over a year as Deputy Assistant Dean for Student Academic Affairs.

Every day David enjoys that there is a new issue that needs to be solved and he is able to help with the solution. David works on issues from alleged academic misconduct to student emergencies and many other student-related issues. He looks at each student that comes into his office as an opportunity to help them be a better student. Each case that is brought to him he looks at as a different situation with a different solution.

As an academic advisor, David was the head of the Individual Concentration Program (ICP). He made many improvements to this program and as told by a colleague, “David was quite successful in improving the program and increasing its visibility.” And “Past ICP students continue to visit David.” One of David’s previous IPC students wrote a letter stating that he is truly living his dream and that he wouldn’t be where he is without the guidance and advice from David.

One of David’s colleagues mentioned that “innovation and creativity are special strengths of his and he embodies the spirit of the liberal arts and lives it in a way that is apparent to students and is to their benefit.” Another colleague wrote “David has worn many hats and consistently goes beyond job expectations.” It was an easy decision to award David as a Spotlight winner with the wonderful letters the committee received.

In David’s spare time he likes to bike and spend time with his wife and daughter. He received his undergraduate degree from Michigan State University and his graduate degree from Wayne State University, Ph.D. in History. It was a pleasure getting to know David and I feel fortunate that our students at the University have a friendly, helpful individual to help them get through difficult situations. Oh, and one last thing about David, he is a huge Bob Dylan fan and has been to at least 42 concerts!

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