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LSA Information Technology

LSAIT provides support to College faculty and staff.  These services consist of desktop support services, advocacy and research support, and infrastructure operation and maintenance. 

LSAIT's offices are on the ground floor of the LSA Building, and are open during University business hours. 

LSAIT is a part of the LSA Dean's Office under Associate Dean of Budget and Finance, Jim Penner-Hahn. LSAIT staff report to Senior Manager David Sweetman who, in turn, reports to Steve Schlecht, Director of Budget, Finance, and Information Systems. 

LSAIT Organization Chart (PDF)


LSA IT Grants Programs

LSAIT Security Initiative

Computer Upgrades for Instructional Faculty

High Performance Computing WIKI

IT Innovation Award (PDF)

This is a monetary award to recognize an IT development that has had overall impact on LSA operational and/or business practices, whether a large impact on a few people or a smaller impact on a large number of people.

IT Innovation Award Nominations

Nominations for this award are typically solicited from late August or early September through mid-October. The award is not restricted to IT staff. More than one person may be nominated for an award, and projects which are the result of a collaboration among several persons are particularly encouraged.

The submission link above is to a SharePoint page. You must use your UMROOT (Active Directory) account. If using a Windows computer, you must preface your login name with umroot (e.g. umroot\ronl), and then enter your password. If using a Mac or Linux computer, enter your account name without UMROOT and then your password.

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