Key Admininstrator Exit Interviews


Upon hearing of a Key Administrator (Key Ad) departure, the LS&A Key Administrator Group Steering Committee (LKAG SC) Chair contacts the outgoing Key Ad to request an exit interview.  These interviews are optional and the Key Ad should feel free to decline if they wish.   Scheduling of this interview should happen early enough to allow time to convey pertinent information to the Key Ad Search Committee as appropriate.  In addition, the Human Resources Manager will talk with outgoing Key Ads before beginning the search for their successor.

The LKAG SC Chair assigns two SC members to be on the interviewing team.  A standard set of questions has been developed to guide the meeting.  Interviewers should feel free to deviate from the questions if it will provide useful information.  All of the information in the interview is kept confidential unless otherwise agreed upon by the interviewers and the outgoing Key Ad.  Notes are taken by the interviewers, which will not be permanently filed or disseminated to anyone without permission from the outgoing Key Ad.

The interview should be scheduled at a location of the outgoing Key Ad’s choice.  Often Key Ads wish to meet in a neutral location for these interviews.  This option should be made available to them. 

General themes from the interview are then discussed by the LKAG SC.  Any specific issues or concerns that have an impact on the unit will be discussed as appropriate with the Director of Fiscal & Human Resources.  Information that the outgoing Key Ad has asked not be shared will be kept confidential by the interviewing group unless the information is such that the University is obligated to act on its disclosure.

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Key Administrator Exit Interview Sample Questions

Jan 2007

The following questions are provided as a guideline to be used for Key Administrator exit interviews.  During the interview, additional questions may arise, or it may become evident that some questions are not relevant in a given interview.

  1. Did you have an opportunity to learn new skills in this position?
  2. Were you able to obtain all of the training necessary to be successful in this position?
  3. Were you provided mentoring? Do you have recommendations on improving Key Administrator mentoring at LSA?
  4. What special skills and competencies will your successor need in order to be successful in this position?
  5. What do you think will be the greatest challenges that your successor will face?
  6. Do you have recommendations or suggestions on recruiting or training your successor?
  7. Are there new initiatives underway in your unit that the College and your successor should know about?  Conversely, are you aware of ongoing initiatives/programs that should be revisited?
  8. Are there important initiatives that you, or the unit, were considering for the future?
  9. What were your likes and dislikes about the unit? Is there information that the College or your successor should know regarding your supervisor? Regarding other departmental staff?
  10. Do you have suggestions for improvements in the office environment, workload, work flow, etc.?
  11. Are there particular unit or College policies or procedures that you’d like to recommend we improve?
  12. What led you to decide to leave this position?
  13. Would you return to this unit or a similar position within LSA?
  14. Would you recommend this position to a friend or colleague?
  15. What would you say are some of the most appealing aspects of this Key Administrator position?

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