Welcome to LSA DMC Services!

LSA DMC Services is a group within the LSA Development office that is dedicated to providing LSA Departments with alumni and donor information in support of outreach projects. These can include:  mailings, solicitations, acknowledgements and gift reports.  


LSA DMC Services works with the Office of University Developmentā€™s Gift & Records Administration to provide you with the most comprehensive and seamless customer service. Below is a breakdown of the services each group provides.


Can't find what you are looking for? When in doubt, email lsa-dmc-services@umich.edu or call 615-6333 and we'll be sure to point you in the right direction.





LSA DMC provides:
Account Establishment/Updates
Alumni degree information
Biographical information and updates
Committee and board member updates
Department Revenue reports ad-hoc
Donor intent questions
Email address lists
Fiscal Year End reports (FYE)
Gift acknowledgment inquiries
Gift Agreement back-up
Gift In Kind donations
Gift processing form contact updates
Mailing lists
Marketing Effort IDs
Online giving support
Solicitation cards
Spring mailing solicitation
Weekly Gift Download reports

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OUD GRA provides:
Biographical updates
Gift Adjustments
Gift back-up information
Gift processing questions

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Other useful links:

LSA Gift In Kind form 


For LSA department financial inquiries, including endowment reports, account balances and how you should be spending your funds, please contact your LSA Financial Liaison. LSA Department Financial Liaisons


For questions about your department fundraising initiatives please contact your major gift officer liaison. LSA Department Fundraiser Liaisons


Please visit these portions of the Standard Practice Guide for the proper use of alumni and donor information. SPG Alumni Directory Policies ; SPG Use and Release of Alumni and Donor Information


Please visit the portion of the Standard Practice Guide to learn how your department can be compliant. SPG Accounting and Reconciliation Policy

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