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The University/Ann Arbor community is a rich, diverse one, and opportunities for intellectual and cultural engagement abound both on campus and off.

Ann Arbor Resources

University Resources

  • University Musical Society (UMS)
    With a program steeped in music, dance, and theater, UMS contributes to a vibrant cultural community by presenting approximately 60-75 performances and over 100 free educational activities each season. UMS also commissions new work, sponsors artist residencies, and organizes collaborative projects with local, national, and international partners. UMS has been involved in bringing to Ann Arbor performers from the Royal Shakespeare Company to Wynton Marsalis, from the New York Philharmonic to the Soweto Gospel Choir.
  • U-M Events Calendar
    One could work at the University for years and never fully grasp the number of showcases, performances, workshops, seminars, and other events put on by academic units, individuals, and students.  Find many of them here.
  • School of Music Performances & Events
    A world-class music school featuring programs such as the highly lauded musical theater department  that are among the top in the country.  They play host to numerous performances each academic year.

Our Undergraduates

Many LSA faculty come to count on an unexpected resource while at Michigan: LSA undergraduates.  They are not merely bright; they seek out opportunities to grow outside the classroom.  Many publish papers based on research with faculty, some start business, thousands will study abroad, and numerous students will engage in an out-of-class program such as the BioStation or the New England Literature Program.  The opportunities for faculty are too numerous to list, but these are some large, notable examples:

  • Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP)
    Initially formed in 1989 with a handful of student-faculty partnerships, thousands of students have now participated in UROP.  Our immensely talented undergraduates have proven themselves time and again as engaged, exciting scholars and over 600 faculty partner with them each year.
  • Global Intercultural Experience for Undergraduates Program (GIEU)
    U-M does study abroad.  But if you're interested in creating a complete and transformational experience for undergraduates, consider GIEU.  The program pairs faculty with small groups of undergraduates for short-term intercultural study opportunities at field sites around the globe.


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