1330 Mason Hall
(734) 764-6274

LSA Honors students receive academic advising from the Honors Program. First-year students are assigned to an Honors advisor during summer orientation. They return to Honors advising for all general student services: when registering for courses, adjusting their course schedules, submitting petitions to the Honors Academic Board, and applying to graduate. Many of our general advising conversations turn on students' academic direction and goals, their understanding of the value of a liberal arts education, and graduate plans. Honors students consult regularly with their advisors in the Honors Office and, after they are admitted to an Honors plan, with their Honors department advisors as well. Students who were not in Honors in their first two years but who are admitted to an Honors major in a department are transferred to the Honors Program for all general advising, student services, and graduation audit; they are invited to come in and meet their new Honors advisor and to take advantage of the opportunities and activities Honors offers in addition to advising.

Appointments with Honors academic advisors can be scheduled online at www.lsa.umich.edu/honors, by calling the Honors Program at (734) 764-6274, or by stopping by the office at 1330 Mason Hall.

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