Office of Advising Technology

G255 Angell Hall

Staff in the Advising Technology area support the conduct of academic advising both within the Newnan LSA Academic Advising Center and across the College. The work of the office touches the lives of hundreds of students and advisors each day.

The office is  responsible for exploration and development of new technologies to enhance communication with students and collaboration among advisors. Accordingly, the Advising Technology team focuses a great deal of attention on the future needs of advisors, upgrading and designing new systems to support not only advising but also other student records and curricular functions for the College.

The Advising Technology area is responsible for producing and maintaining all of the College's most important print and online student academic publications, including the  LSA Course Guides (every term) with detailed term-specific course descriptions and advanced search functions allowing students to find courses focused on particular topics or which meet particular requirements. This office also maintains the Newnan LSA Advising Center website, and the large portions of the LSA Students website, most especially the Academics and Requirements section of the LSA website.  Formerly known as the online Bulletin, this section contains the College’s official course catalog, descriptions of all undergraduate programs offered by the College, and explanations of the College’s academic policies and procedures. 



Advising Technology also maintains the online LSA Advisor Handbook, an online resource used by advisors throughout the College.


Advising Records

This office manages the advising records of more than 25,000 current and inactive LSA students. Advising information on all LSA students is stored in the LSA Online Undergraduate Student Advising File, which is a shared resource used by all advising units in the College, including all academic departments and programs, the Comprehensive Studies Program, the Honors Program, the Residential College, and the Newnan LSA Academic Advising Center. 

The Online Advising File includes: 

  • a student academic profile, along with information on a student's academic interests and activities; 
  • an Orientation information summary page; 
  • advisor contact notes; 
  • advisor assignment; 
  • scanned images of all paper correspondence with students; 
  • approved exceptions for departmental and College requirements; 
  • Major Releases submitted by department advisors; and 
  • an online Audit Checklist, which  summarizes a student's progress toward graduation requirements.

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