The Newnan LSA Academic Advising Center
1255 Angell Hall
(734) 764-0332

The Newnan LSA Academic Advising Center challenges students to think about their education in the broadest possible terms, and to take initiative in shaping that education as they prepare to engage with a diverse world. Through individual conversations, publications, online resources, and programming, Newnan advisors foster the personal, ethical, and intellectual growth of students, helping them develop their academic and professional goals, make informed decisions, and act with increasing independence. Academic advisors at the Newnan LSA Academic Advising Center advise undergraduates from orientation through graduation.

Specifically, the  Newnan LSA Academic Advising Center helps students to:

  • Make informed decisions and develop academic plans based on individual interests, abilities, and goals.
  • Use the LSA curriculum to explore the liberal arts and sciences.
  • Find appropriate resources and opportunities.
  • Evaluate individual academic progress.
  • Understand and follow LSA policies and procedures.
  • Connect and synthesize experiences inside and outside  the classroom.

Students first meet their academic advisors during the Orientation period prior to their first term of matriculation. Student-advisor contact during Orientation occurs over two days and includes a group meeting and two individual meetings. The group meeting includes a discussion of LSA and its mission as a liberal arts college. The student and advisor become acquainted during the first individual meeting and explore the student's interests and academic purpose. During the second meeting, they plan the student's first term elections. Advisors then follow up these contacts by inviting their advisees to come in for an appointment after their first academic term has begun. The expectation is that students will want to discuss progress and challenges in the College with their advisors at this time. Similar outreach occurs during  subsequent academic terms. Students generally choose to consult with the advisors whom they met during Orientation. Students may elect to make an appointment with any advisor who is available or to see any advisor they prefer, but they are encouraged to find one advisor with whom they can relate well and to see that advisor on a regular basis.

First- and second-year students most often see general advisors with questions about the transition to college; course electionsCollege requirements; pre-professional concerns; opportunities for research, internships and study abroad; and with queries about how to  choose a major or degree program.

Appointments with general academic advisors can be scheduled by calling the Newnan LSA Academic Advising Center at (734) 764-0332, or by stopping by the offices at 1255 Angell Hall.



Note that each LSA department/program has an LSA advisor liaison with whom instructors can consult about concerns with students enrolled in their classes.

Department Liaisons. Department Liaisons establish effective, on-going communication between the Newnan LSA Academic Advising Center and LSA academic departments. Liaisons are general advisors responsible for understanding of the curriculum and advising concerns of their respective departments and sharing this information with other advisors. They also serve as a valuable resource for their liaison departments, providing information about general requirements, policies and procedures that affect both faculty and students. This mutually helpful information exchange, along with the sharing of advisor knowledge and perspective, enhances the quality of the undergraduate academic experience.

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