Grade Grievance Procedures for the Department of Linguistics
(May, 1973)
(Reaffirmed: September 1986)

On October 16, 1975, the Linguistics Department voted to make the Academic Grievance Committee a standing committee of the Department and has incorporated the procedures as an amendment to its Constitution.

The Linguistics Department Academic Grievance Committee shall consist of three faculty members, one of whom shall act as Chairman, and two student representatives, a graduate and an undergraduate.

Appeal Structure

  1. The student registered in a Linguistics Department course first tries to resolve the problem with his/her instructor. If this is not possible, a formal review would then be held.
  2. The student must file a written complaint to the Academic Grievance Committee, explaining the nature of the dispute. If the student wishes, he/she may appear before the Academic Grievance Committee for a hearing. The instructor, or other persons concerned, also has the option of appearing before the Committee at the same time. If the student or instructor wishes to appear before the Committee alone, the Committee will also honor this.
  3. If the Committee disagrees with the judgment of the instructor, it should attempt to persuade the instructor to change the grade. Should this attempt prove unsuccessful, the Committee may then determine if some alternative action is acceptable, e.g., recommending that the student drop the course, permitting the course to be expunged from the record, etc.
  4. If all attempts fail and the Committee is convinced that the student has been graded unfairly or improperly, the Committee shall recommend to the departmental Executive Committee the overriding of the instructor. If the Executive Committee agrees with the Grievance Committee it shall then recommend to the Administrative Board of LS&A that the student's grade be changed.*

*"We realize that point 'd' may be questioned by the LS&A Administrative Board since it does not comply with the Faculty Code as it now stands, but our actions as a Department imply that we would like to see the Faculty Code revised if necessary, regarding the changing of grades. We do not see the purpose of having an Academic Grievance Committee unless they, as a committee, have the power to override the instructor in the most unusual cases."

-- Chairman Kenneth Pike, October 17, 1975


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