Helpful Hints for Writing Exceptions in the Electronic File

Whenever possible, please use the available drop-down menu to select the student’s major (unless the student has not yet declared), rather than typing in the major. This will generate the official number of the student’s field of the major (it will look something like “4050ABLSA History BA”). If you do have to enter the major manually, please indicate whether the student is pursuing the BA or BS, as this makes a difference to the person entering the exception.

The exceptions window doesn’t offer much room to write a long narrative, and is really just the place to post the details about the exception being granted. Please be sure your entry includes the following:

  1. Name/description of the requirement (e.g. “Two courses in pre-1830 literature;” “Modern Algebra” “Chinese Second Year Language”)
  2. The course that will count, (e.g. “STDABRD 486”; “MATH 513”) or the reason the requirement is being waived or changed (“Waived due to Placement Exam”)
  3. The term, credit hours, and grade (if course already completed) associated with the course being permitted (e.g. “STDABRD 486 in W06, 4 hrs, A-”)

This is especially important for Study Abroad courses!

  1. If students typically can only fulfill the requirement using one or two courses, include the number of the course that usually fills the requirement: 

    “Biology Prerequisites: I approve EEB 320 instead of BIOLOGY 162”


Please note:

If you run out of room when writing an exception, please find a way to shorten your description. Adding a second entry makes it more difficult for others to determine whether one or two exceptions have been granted. The explanation behind the exception belongs in the “contact notes” portion of the E-File, not in the Exception entry box. For example, the contact notes might read:

Susan did a Study Abroad in Paris this past winter semester and took a course on Parisian History which I am allowing to count for her European History Requirement. 

And the related exception might read:

One course in European History: STDABRD 342.005, W06, 4 hrs, B+ is approved to meet this requirement


Extra Credit: The R.O. has created outlines for each major which specify the specific group and line numbers that each major requirement has been assigned. If you have one and you feel comfortable doing so, you can use it to specify the line numbers that you wish the exception to be made.

e.g. , to count a class for pre-1830 literature for English Majors, the exception might look like this:

“Transfer credit course ENGLISH 301X in F06 approved for pre- 1830 requirement (RG 713, RQ 1942, LN 0020).” (See example outline on reverse)

Exception outlines can be requested from the Office of the Registrar or via your department’s student services staff.




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