Email to Faculty and Instructional Staff: March 5, 2008

March 5, 2008



LSA Faculty and Instructional Staff

Esrold A. Nurse, Assistant Dean

I am writing to provide you with important information and to remind you of the upcoming late-drop deadline.

The late-drop deadline is Friday, March 14. Within a few days, all undergraduate LSA students will receive a reminder of this deadline. We hope you will use this time to assess the progress of your students and inform those who may be at academic risk. You may complete an online progress report for those students. Click on, then click LSA Undergraduate Student Progress Report, and follow the directions.

After the late-drop deadline, permission to drop individual courses is granted only for students with extenuating circumstances. Danger of failing the course is not considered a sufficient reason for withdrawal after March 14. A student may decide to petition to drop a class after this deadline, and you may be asked to provide information concerning the student’s performance in your course. This information could help determine whether an incomplete grade might be a reasonable option or whether an exception to the deadline should be granted.

Early registration for LSA undergraduates begins on March 31. You can seize this opportunity to inform students of your department’s offerings for spring, summer, and fall. Identifying follow-up courses to the one you are currently teaching is especially useful. This is also a time when students, particularly sophomores, are making major decisions. Being ready to engage your students in conversations about your specialty will assist them with their decisions. You might also urge students to attend the LSA Major Fair on Wednesday, March 26, 11:00 am – 3:00 pm, in the Michigan Union Ballroom.

Final exams, which begin on April 17 and end April 24,
should be given at the scheduled time as listed by the Registrar ( ). The LSA Faculty Code (B4.01) does not permit changing the date of an officially scheduled final exam by class vote or any other means. For students with a religious-academic conflict, please see:

Finally, I want to make a special plea to encourage all instructors to submit their grades to the Registrar’s Office within the 72-hour timeframe following the final exam. Prompt submission of your grades will enable us to finalize students' degrees in a timely fashion for graduation and identify those students whose records need to be reviewed for academic discipline.

The Office of Student Academic Affairs and the LSA Advising Center (764-0332) can provide assistance to your teaching effort. We welcome your questions about academic policy and procedures and are happy to assist you when student issues arise. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Esrold A. Nurse, Ph.D
Assistant Dean, Student Academic Affairs
College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
1213 Angell Hall
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. 48109-1003
Telephone:1(734)-764-7297; Fax: 1(734)-647-5577.

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