Letter to Faculty and Instructional Staff: September 3, 2004





All Faculty and Instructional Staff, College of LS&A

Esrold A. Nurse, Assistant Dean

September 3, 2004

Undergraduate Student Issues

Welcome to those of you who are new to the College this year; and to those of you who are returning, welcome back. I write to offer the support of the Office of Student Academic Affairs to your teaching effort. Our office is always ready to answer questions about College policy or to provide support in handling student issues. If you phone or come by our offices or send an email, we will put you in contact with someone who can address your questions.

We want to remind you that we have web pages containing the Handbook for Faculty and Instructional Staff as well as other helpful information at http://www.lsa.umich.edu/facstaff/saa/ . We hope these efforts will enhance our ability to assist you in your teaching, but want to reinforce that we are always happy to discuss student issues with you by phone or in person.

I especially want to encourage you to contact the Advising Center whenever you have student concerns. Making contact with the Center is especially important if a student is frequently absent or if you have reason to believe there are issues interfering with the student’s academic life. It is also appropriate for you to encourage a student to visit the Advising Center or to make an appointment to see an advisor. Undergraduate Student Progress Report forms can be used to alert us, and students, to poor academic performance. These forms are most helpful when received as soon as you see problems or before Friday, November 12, the late drop deadline. The Student Progress Report form can be submitted online at our web site. The web address is http://www.lsa.umich.edu//facstaff/saa .

LS&A students will be reminded by email of two early deadlines. Monday, September 27th is the last day of the regular drop/add period and also the last day a student can choose to elect a course with the pass/fail option. Monday, October 4 is the deadline for submitting incomplete work from Winter, Spring, or Summer 2004 terms. You then have ten days to submit a Supplementary Grade Report (SGR) before the grade lapses to an “E.” If you support a student’s request for an extension, the student should petition the Academic Standards Board prior to the October 4th deadline.

Please note that this semester’s Fall Study Break falls on the Monday and Tuesday of October 18 and 19. You’ll need to take this into account as you organize your class schedule.

Finally, please note that the LS&A Academic Judiciary Manual of Procedures is also on our website. Cases of alleged academic dishonesty and misconduct should be referred to my office. You are always welcome to discuss a case with us before making a decision about whether to bring charges. At the same time, it is helpful to remind students at the beginning of class of your expectations that everyone will act with integrity.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call me. Best wishes for a successful academic year!

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