Memo to faculty and instructional staff, December 12, 2008

December 12, 2008

Dear Faculty and Instructional Staff,

I am writing to remind you of the importance of submitting your grades within 72 hours after the final exam as required by the LSA Faculty Code. With the last exam day on December 18th, the absolute latest that any grades should be submitted is December 21st.

Late and missing grades can cause significant difficulty for students. It also makes it very hard for staff to complete the required work of the College. If all grades are not reported, degrees for our December graduates cannot be finalized. Missing grades can also negatively impact the application of our students to graduate and professional schools. Students who are planning to study abroad, starting their professional career or doing internships may be affected if grades are not reported.

In addition, the LSA Academic Standards Board will be reviewing student records to determine if students are in good standing. Students who might be suspended need to be notified immediately, so that they have time to adjust their plans before returning to campus in January.

Everyone benefits when grades are submitted on time. You can relax and enjoy your break, students are protected from the aforementioned consequences, and staff can complete their work efficiently and on time. So I thank you for your cooperation and encourage you to contact the Newnan Academic Advising Center (1255 Angell Hall, 764-0332) if you have questions about this process or concerns about individual students.


Esrold A. Nurse

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