1. When approached, discuss the Verified Individualized Services and Accommodations (VISA) form and accommodation requests by the student.
  2. Work with student to offer appropriate testing accommodations (as indicated on the VISA form) in the classroom and/or department.
    • To provide equity and inclusion, we recommend that test accommodations should be facilitated by the instructor in the classroom or department and not by default of the Testing Accommodation Center (TAC).
    • As written in the Services for Students with Disabilities Faculty Handbook, “When special test accommodations are needed, it is in everyone's best interest if the proctor is either one of the teaching assistants for the course, the professor, or another member of the academic department. This practice allows students to address any problems or questions they may have to someone with knowledge of course content and departmental procedures.” (p. 7).
    • Understand that in normal circumstances, extended-time accommodations are the responsibility of the instructor and are a low priority for the Testing Accommodation Center (TAC).
  3. When accommodations cannot reasonably be handled in the classroom environment or in the department, it is the instructor’s responsibility to create a test reservation request on the TAC Reservation Site.
    • It is the instructor's responsibility to include specific accommodation instructions, per student (as it is seen on the student's Verified Individualized Services and Accommodations form (VISA form), on the Reservation Site (i.e. whether the student needs time added for breaks, need for adaptive technology, special instructions as it relates to the individual's disability, etc.)
    • Due to limited space and proctor availability, reservations should be made no later than two weeks before an exam and thirty days before final exams
    • All reservation requests will be reviewed, but cannot be guaranteed.
    • All changes/modifications to requests, must be completed no later than 48 hours before an approved reservation. Please understand that changes to reservations cannot be guaranteed.
    • Adding students to an existing reservation may not be guaranteed due to limited space.
    • We are typically unable to accommodate reservation requests within 24 hours of an exam at the TAC. It is the responsibility of the instructor to accommodate his/her student when a reservation cannot be secured at the TAC.
  4. TAC hours and reservation times.
    • Exams may be administered during the hours of 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM, Monday through Thursday and 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM on Friday (except during final exams). The TAC is open year-round.
    • To ensure a quieter, distraction-reduced environment during high volume periods, exam time start times may be limited to the following: 8:00 AM, 11:30 AM, 3:00 PM and 6:30 PM. Available exam times will be indicated on the TAC Reservation Site.
      • Exam start times may be adjusted for students needing double time.
      • If a student's extended time overlaps with another course or exam, please consider the following options: Accommodate the student in the department (by finding available space and time to administer the student's exam) or consider another available start time from the list.
  5. The Coordinator of the Testing Accommodation Center will send the Instructor an e-mail notification regarding the submitted Test Reservation Request.
    • The e-mail will indicate whether the TAC Coordinator has secured the requested test reservation.
    • If a reservation is secured, the TAC Coordinator will also send an e-mail notification to the student/s.
    • If a reservation time is unavailable, it is the instructor's responsibility to provide the necessary testing accommodations.
  6. Test Delivery Information:
    • Exams are not accepted by e-mail. 
    • All exams must be hand-delivered to the secure TAC drop box located outside of the Newnan Advising Center at 1255 Angell Hall no later than 1:00 PM the business day before an exam reservation. The drop box will not be checked again after 1:00 PM.
    • If your exams are not delivered by 1:00 PM, you must deliver the exams directly to the TAC (B129 MLB) up to one half hour before your reservation time. Please understand that the TAC is not staffed when exams are not being administered. 
    • Do not deposit tests in the drop box on the day of an exam.
    • Please provide a quiz or exam for each student with a reservation.
  7. Test Return Information:
    • All exams must be picked-up by an instructor or his/her designee at the front desk at 1255 Angell Hall (the Newnan Advising Center).  Exams cannot be returned by e-mail.
    • Please be aware that emails will not be sent to alert you that an exam is ready for pick up. 
    • All exams will be ready for pick up the next business day after 10:00 AM.
    • The Newnan Advising Center will be open:
  8. Fall and Winter:

        • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm
        • Tuesday and Thursday, 8:00am-7:00pm

Spring and Summer:

        • Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm
  1. Scheduling pop-quiz reservations:
    • Please ensure to check the "Pop Quiz" box on the TAC Reservation Site when scheduling all pop-quiz reservations. If the Pop-Quiz box is not checked, students will automatically receive confirmations of the day/time of each quiz.
  2. Things to consider when utilizing the services of the TAC:
    • Any communication about and/or changes to an exam (on exam day) must be addressed directly to the Proctors on staff at the TAC. Please call the TAC office at (734) 763-1334 at the exam reservation time. Do not leave voice mail messages or send emails to lsa.testcenter@umich.edu as your message may not be received or delivered on the day of an exam.
    • Only materials as indicated on the TAC Reservation Site may be used during a test. All materials used during an exam will be returned to the instructor. Students may not take materials home.
    • Please be aware that there are specific TAC Rules and Regulations students must adhere to when taking exams in the TAC.
    • Proctors may not answer questions about exam material. Please talk with your student about how to handle questions that may arise during an exam.
    • Students are asked to arrive ten minutes prior to a test reservation. This will allow time for students to store belongings and get ready for an exam. We ask that students arrive at the reservation time and not on "Michigan" time. 
    • Students arriving late will not have his/her exam time extended. The end time of the exam will not change due to a late arrival as space and/or Proctor availability may be limited.
    • Students will not be allowed to take an exam, without instructor approval, if arriving thirty minutes (or more) late. If an instructor approves the late start, the end time of the exam will not change due to the late arrival as space and/or Proctor availability may be limited.


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