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Overall administration of LSA Student Academic Affairs is the responsibility of the Assistant Dean. Policy and procedural matters are handled in this office and personal assistance is provided to students in special circumstances. The Assistant Dean also oversees the Academic Judiciary for Student Academic Affairs and is responsible for the administration of the Community Standards of Academic Integrity. In addition, the Assistant Dean coordinates the communication and liaison efforts between Student Academic Affairs and the faculty and academic departments and programs of the College, as well as between Student Academic Affairs and non-LSA units of the University.

Esrold A. Nurse, Ph.D., Assistant Dean

Ching-Yune Sylvester, Ph.D., Assistant to Assistant Dean

Debbie Walls, Executive Secretary

LSA Student Academic Affairs provides the following services: Academic Advising, Academic Standards and Opportunities, Academic Auditors, Advising Advising Information, Advising Records, the Testing Accommodation Center, and the Office of the Assistant Dean. Student Academic Affairs is responsible for helping undergraduates achieve the expectations and rewards of the liberal arts and science education afforded by the College.


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Handbooks +

Instructor Handbook (PDF)
Describes College policies and procedures formulated in the Faculty Code. It provides information on implementing the academic rules and policies, and includes resources that will help instructors guide and support their students.

Reference Manual for Departmental/Program Advising Staff
A resource book written specifically for Concentration Advisors, it addresses most of the issues and questions that arise as you advise students.

Advisor Handbook
A great resource that collects most of the information that you might ever need (at least for advising purposes) in one place

Liaison Handbook (PDF)

LSA Course Guides
The online LSA Course Guide contains course descriptions written by instructors of classes to be offered in a specific term.

LSA B u l l e t i n Archive
The LSA B u l l e t i n listed and described LSA departments and programs and their faculty; concentration and academic minor programs; and courses, reflecting the College curriculum approved by the LSA Curriculum Committee. The print version has been discontinued.  
The most up-to-date information is available through the "Academics and Requirements" and "Undergraduate Course Catalogue" sections of this web site.

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