Grade Change Policy

"A grade change may be submitted by your instructor to correct an error on a Supplementary Grade Report which the instructor obtains from their department office. The request must be accompanied by a formal explanation by the faculty member in charge of the course outlining the circumstances surrounding the original error and justifying the grade change" (Faculty Code B5.07).

The Academic Standards Board cannot approve any Supplementary Grade Report for a grade change when "extra work is submitted", "student rewrote a paper", "student retook the final" or another special arrangement unless the instructor is able to provide the Board with a statement that the arrangement giving this one student the opportunity to raise his/her grade was an arrangement available to and known by every student in the course. If the grade is being changed because the work was submitted after grades were due and no "incomplete" grade was originally given, the grade will be posted with and "I" as long as the work was completed during the incomplete deadline period.

When the instructor is changing a grade from "incomplete", they must include the date the student submitted their completed work. Even if the course has lapsed to E the grade can still be approved for posting if the work completed by the student was within the incomplete deadline date or the extended deadline date.

Grade Grievance Procedures

"The Office of Student Academic Affairs (formerly the LS&A Administrative Board) shall insure that each department has an efficient procedure for dealing with student complaints regarding alleged unfair or improper grading, and shall insure that these procedures are followed in individual cases."

— Faculty Code A.205, 1984 edition

Grade appeals for departments without links listed below should be referred to the Chair of the Department in question.

Afroamerican and African Studies (DAAS)

American Culture Department

Anthropology Department

Applied Physics Program

Asian Languages and Cultures Department

Astronomy Department

Biology Programs

Biophysics Program

Chemistry Department

Classical Studies Department

Communication Studies Department

Comparative Literature Department

Complex Systems Program

Comprehensive Studies Program

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Economics Department

English Language and Literature Department

English Language Institute

Earth and Environmental Sciences Department

Geography Course

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History Department

History of Art Department

Honors Program

International Programs (Study Abroad)

International Studies Programs

Judaic Studies Program

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Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

Museum Methods Program

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Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE)

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Program in the Environment

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