Initiatives of Student Academic Affairs

  • Newnan Advising Center Professional Development Series
    Features one or two timely programs that will have broad appeal to all faculty and staff advisors.  Our goal is to offer topics that will enhance and inform the important work that academic advisors do throughout the College.
  • Liaison Effort
    The Assistant Dean coordinates the communication and liaison efforts between Student Academic Affairs and the faculty and academic departments and programs of the College. Each department of the major/program has a general advisor liaison.
  • Academic Advising Conference
    The annual conference on undergraduate academic advising  gives advisors across the University an opportunity to discuss topics of mutual interest.
  • Terrence McDonald Academic Advising Academy
    The Advising Academy fosters excellence in advising programs within all departments in the College by providing a solid practical and theoretical approach to advising in LSA.  The Academy also offers a wonderful opportunity to share best practices.
  • Advising Summits
    provides an opportunity for personal connection and dialogue across advising units and departments in the College and thus facilitates collegial and collaborative relationships among advisors in the College.
  • Majors/Minors Expo
    affords the various units an opportunity to recruit and disseminate information about current programs and upcoming opportunities.
  • Dialogues with Departments
  • Discussion Boards
    Share your experiences with and/or post questions for your colleagues.
  • Roundtable Brownbags
    provides another means of sharing initiatives, programs, and practices related to undergraduate community and engagement in the academic departments
  • Study Abroad Workshop Series
    An entire series of workshops on the capacious subject of Study Abroad.
  • Training and Support for Departmental Advisors
    A training & support program for department advisors.
  • Working Group
    A small group of LSA general advisors, department advisors, and staff working on issues related to how LSA Advising and the Academic Departments collaborate
  • Advisor Roundtables
    A recurring series of events (on the last Friday of most months) designed to enrich our sense of intellectual community and facilitate regular conversations about best practices and the place of advising in higher education.


Calendar of Events

Events Archive


Instructor Handbook (PDF)

Describes College policies and procedures formulated in the Faculty Code. It provides information on implementing the academic rules and policies, and includes resources that will help you guide and support your students.

Reference Manual for Departmental/Program Advising Staff

A resource book written specifically for Department advisors, it addresses most of the issues and questions that arise as you advise students.

Advisor Handbook

This is a great resource that collects most of the information that you might ever need (at least for advising purposes) in one place. We hope you will find the Advising Handbook a useful resource in your advising work.

Liaison Handbook (PDF)

The liaison role is designed to offer a different perspective on student choice, responsibility, and constraint to departments, as well as to serve as a catalyst for improvement...

LSA Course Guides

The online LSA Course Guide contains course descriptions written by instructors of classes to be offered in a specific term. Instructors are asked:

  • to begin with a statement of the subjects (topics, themes, methods).
  • to include the intended audience and any recommended special background that is not already listed in course prerequisites.
  • to indicate the basis of student evaluation (exams, papers, etc.)
  • to state method(s) of instruction (lecture, lab, discussion).
  • to mention texts which will be required.

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