Undergraduate Academic Progress Report

Undergraduate Academic Progress Report

The Academic Progress report is used by academic advisors within various campus support programs, like the Newnan Academic Advising Center, the Comprehensive Studies Program (CSP) and the Athletic Department’s Academic Support Program (ASP) to monitor the progress of students and offer assistance and guidance as appropriate. The goal is to form a collaborative support system among faculty, advisor, and student to effectively meet the student’s academic needs – both to address problems quickly and to recognize outstanding performance. 

When an online report is submitted, a copy is sent directly to the student, as well as to the student’s academic advisor.  The academic advisor will then follow-up with the student to discuss the information contained in the report.

When should an instructor submit an Undergraduate Academic Progress Report?

  • a student did not perform well on an exam or paper
  • a student is not turning in assigned work, such as papers, problem sets, or other homework
  • a student has not been attending class regularly
  • a student’s behavior or performance has changed during the semester / a student is not “acting like herself/himself”
  • a student seems to be struggling in your class and would benefit from talking to you or seeking extra help

Also, instructors might remind students directly that academic advisors are available in the Newnan LSA Academic Advising Center (1255 Angell Hall, 764-0332) to offer support, answer questions, suggest study strategies, and help them clarify their academic goals.

Please use the link below to submit an Undergraduate Academic Progress Report:



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