1. Title your seminar to appeal to first-year students. 
  2. Present the seminar's primary goal and focus and briefly describe what students can expect in the way of thought-provoking questions, problematic issues or social/intellectual dilemmas.
  3. Indicate the class format and your instructional style. To what extent will you encourage discussion, use films, make yourself available to students?
  4. Describe your methods of evaluating student performance, e.g. classroom participation, exams, length and types of papers, independent research or group projects, oral presentations, instructor and/or peer evaluation.
  5. Include examples of the texts that will be included in assigned readings.
  6. Although prerequisites are generally discouraged for seminars, please indicate clearly in both the course proposal and course description if any specific knowledge is required, e.g. high school physics. 
  7. Using language from the longer course description, describe your course in 2-3 sentences max (60-75 words) that will appeal to first-year students.  Previous brochures can provide many helpful examples.

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