What Funding Is Available for FYS Arts & Cultural Activities?

Guidelines for Funding

  • As is consistent with the purpose of first-year seminars, this grant will fund arts/cultural activities that provide opportunities for strengthening faculty-student relations. Proposed activities should be of interest to all students and ones that will help build a comfortable environment for students from all backgrounds.
  • We are open to proposals that assume a broad definition of arts and culture. However, when possible and appropriate, the proposed activities should be linked with course content, with the expectation that some class time be spent in preparation before and in discussion after the event.
  • Most arts activities cost between $100-$250, but we will consider grants up to $350 for more extensive activities, with a suggested limit of $15 per student. Grant funding should not exceed 75% of a given ticket price. Only one proposal will be accepted for each seminar.
  • Students should be told in advance that they are expected to pay part of the cost, proportionate to the activity. For example, students might contribute $5 towards a $20 concert ticket; or the grant might fund a U-M bus charter to a Detroit museum, while students would pay the $3 admission fee.
  • Participation of one of the faculty's immediate family would be funded as part of the grant.
  • Grant funds cannot be used to pay for food.

Priority will be given to arts and cultural activities that:

  • Take place outside the classroom.
  • Stimulate faculty-student exchanges about intellectual ideas.
  • Complement course content and are integrated into class discussions.

How to Apply

Briefly address the following questions and send to Lori Gould via either email (lgould@umich.edu) or campus mail at 2242 LSA 1382.

  • What is the activity being proposed?
  • How will you integrate this activity into the course content?
  • In what ways would you and your students be able to interact through this activity?
  • What is the total amount of funding being requested?

Resources on the Web for Planning Proposals 

(remember to inquire about group discounts)

  • University Musical Society group sales: 763.3100
  • School of Music Productions group sales: 764.0450
  • U-M Museum of Art docent-led tours: 764.0395
  • U-M Department of Transportation for chartering buses: 763.0661

Proposals will be reviewed in the order received for each term with no specific deadlines. We do encourage you to submit proposals as much ahead of time as possible in order to incorporate activities in course syllabi and inform students about your seminar. Our experience is that activities planned early are more likely to maximize student participation and increase their cohesiveness. It is also important to reserve limited transportation resources as much ahead of time as possible as well as order performance tickets to ensure availability and good seats.

Funding Sponsors

Funding is supported jointly by the LSA Dean's Office, FYS Program, and Arts at Michigan.

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