Excellence in Concentration Advising Award Recipients

2012 Kathleen Nolta, Chemistry
  Janet Wolfe, Economics
2007 Brian Wallace, Psychology
  Donna Ainsworth, Women’s Studies Department
2006 Barry O'Connor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  Catherine Philbin, Organizational Studies
2005 Brenda Gunderson, Statistics
  Richard Meisler, American Culture
2004 Keith Riles, Physics Department
  Laura Olsen, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
2003 Theresa Lee, Psychology
  Terri Sarris, Program in Film & Video
2002 Michael Wynne, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
  Jackie Livesay, English Language & Literature
2001 Karl-Georg Federhofer, Germanic Languages & Literatures
  Eugene Krause, Mathematics
2000 Merla Wolk, English Language and Literature
  Antoinette J. Morales, Independent Concentration Program
1999 Juli A. Highfill, Romance Languages and Literatures
  Thomas W. Collier, LS&A Student Academic Affairs
1998 Curtis Huntington, Mathematics
  Robert Kyes, Germanic Languages and Literature
1997 Frederick Peters, Residential College
  L. Ariella Zeller
1996 Frank Livingston, Anthropology
  Robert Cain, Psychology
1995 Meigan Aronson, Physics
  Max Heirich, Sociology
1994 Chalmers Knight, Academic Advising Office
  Guy Mermier, Medieval and Renaissance Collegium
1993 Bernard A. Galler, Computer Science Program
  Brian A. Hazlett, Biology
1992 Jean P. Krisch, Physics
  Astrid Beck, Studies in Religion
1991 Arthur G. Wasserman, Mathematics
  Janet Gerson, Lecturer, Economics
1990 Gerald Livderman
  Luis Steir-Younis
1989 Ken K. Ito, Asian Languages and Cultures
  Alan B. Howes, English Language & Literature
1988 Helen Crafton, Director, Academic Actions and Faculty Counselor
  Alan B. Howes, Department of English Language & Literature

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