Individual Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education

Eligibility: All teaching faculty, including lecturers, are eligible for these awards. Nominees cannot have received this award previously.

Evaluation Criteria: This award, formerly known as the Excellence in Education Award, recognizes faculty members who are exceptionally dedicated to the educational experiences of undergraduates, and who demonstrate this dedication through achievements and innovations in their own and others’ classrooms or academic programs. Examples of achievements for which the award should be considered include:
• Excellence in classroom teaching in undergraduate courses, as demonstrated by student evaluations, student testimonials, and (if applicable) faculty peer observations or reviews.
• Outstanding contributions to the undergraduate program through curriculum innovation, creativity in course design, the supervision of student research, or other significant contributions to the quality of the College’s teaching-learning environment.
• Concerted effort to spread teaching innovations and best practices outside the home department and across the College or University.

Calendar for Submission and Evaluation of Nominations: A call for nominations is sent out in mid-January each year, with nominations accepted until mid-to-late February. An advisory committee and the Dean select award recipients, who will be announced in May. Each successful nominee is presented an award of $3500 at the beginning of the following academic year.

Note: To honor specific, individual innovations, the Provost’s Teaching Innovation Prize may be more appropriate; the Individual Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education recognizes excellence in undergraduate education more generally.

Documentation Required

Departments with fewer than 30 FTE faculty may nominate up to two individuals; departments with 30 or more may nominate up to three. Please include the following for each nominee:
1. Brief supporting statement from Chair, Associate Chair, or Director. Please limit the length of this to no more than one page (single-spaced, standard font and margins).
2. Enrollment and grading data for all courses that the nominee taught for the past two years—that is, please complete the table below for each nominee. Mean grade and enrollment data are available from the LSA Management Information System. (Any questions about access and use of MIS tools should be directed at Rob Wilke,
3. Teaching evaluations for all courses that the nominee taught for the past two years. Please do NOT include student comments, but only the “Instructor Report.” If any student comments are particularly illuminating, we suggest you make reference to them in the Chair/Director’s supporting statement.
4. (Optional) Letters of support from up to two former students of the nominee. Each letter should be limited to no more than one page (single-spaced, standard font and margins). The nominee should be given the option of requesting these letters of support directly from students of his or her choice.
5. (Optional) Up to 5 additional pages of write-ups from faculty peer evaluations / classroom observations of the nominee, or similar supporting documentation.

All submissions should be in electronic form. Paper submissions will not be accepted. Each nomination should be sent as a SINGLE PDF file to Associate Dean Angela Dillard ( and Cameron Gibelyou ( Please title the PDF file “Individual Contributions, [Nominee Name], [Name of Nominating Department]”.


Table from #2:

Semester Course Enrollment E&E Q1 Score E&E Q2 Score Average Grade in Course


Sample Evaluation Form

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