Concentrations and Academic Minors

New Concentrations

Modifications to Concentrations

New Academic Minors

Modifications to Academic Minors

Course Approval Request Forms

The Writing Component in LSA Course Proposals


Blank CARF for New Courses

Blank CARF for Modifications

Course Numbering Policies

Class Type Definitions

Course Assessment

"Course Requirements" vs. "Course Assessment"

R&E Proposal Form

Quantitative Reasoning Proposal Form

Course Scheduling

Key Dates and Deadlines for Class Scheduling

Guidelines for Courses that Meet-Together

Course Credits Based on Contact Hours

Approval of New Concentrations and Programs

Presidents Council Review of New Academic Programs

Office of the Provost (meeting dates and deadlines for PCSUM)

LSA Academic Policies & Guidelines

Academic Majors

Academic Minors

Area Distribution Guidelines

Generic Definitions for Area Distributions

First-Year Writing Requirement

Upper-Level Writing Requirement

Language Requirement

Race & Ethnicity Requirement

Quantitative Reasoning Requirement

Guidelines for Bachelor of Science Eligibility

Guidelines for Experiential Courses

Guidelines for Independent Studies

Study Abroad Courses and Programs

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