All Courses Approved to Meet the QR Requirement

QR/1 earns full QR credit; QR/2 earns half QR credit

ASTRO 201. Introduction to Astrophysics QR/1
ASTRO 101. Introductory Astronomy: The Solar System and the Search for Life Beyond Earth QR/2
ASTRO 102. Introductory Astronomy: Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe QR/2
ASTRO 104. Alien Skies: A Tour Through the Universe QR/2
ASTRO 105. The Cosmos Through the Constellations QR/2
ASTRO 115. Introductory Astrobiology: The Search for Life in the Universe QR/2
ASTRO 142. From the Big Bang to the Milky Way QR/2
ASTRO 205. Exploring the X-ray Universe QR/1
ASTRO 220. New Discoveries in Astronomy QR/2
BIOPHYS 120. The Discovery of the DNA Double Helix and its Hidden Mysteries QR/1
BIOPHYS 290 / PHYSICS 290. Physics of the Body and Mind QR/2
CHEM 130. General Chemistry: Macroscopic Investigations and Reaction Principles QR/2
CMPLXSYS 430. Modeling Infectious Diseases QR/2
COMM 211. Evaluating Information QR/1
EARTH 130 / CHEM 108 / PHYSICS 119. The Physical World QR/2
EARTH 222 / ENVIRON 232. Introductory Oceanography QR/2
EARTH 223 / ENVIRON 233. Introductory Oceanography, Laboratory QR/2
EARTH 380 / ENVIRON 380. Mineral Resources, Economics, and the Environment QR/2
EARTH 468. Data Analysis and Model Estimation QR/2
ECON 101. Principles of Economics I QR/2
ECON 102. Principles of Economics II QR/2
ECON 309. Experimental Economics QR/1
ECON 401. Intermediate Microeconomic Theory QR/1
ECON 402. Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory QR/1
ECON 404. Statistics for Economists QR/1
ECON 405. Introduction to Statistics QR/1
EEB 483. Freshwater Ecosystems: Limnology QR/1
MATH 105. Data, Functions, and Graphs QR/1
MATH 107. Mathematics for the Information Age QR/1
MATH 115. Calculus I QR/1
MATH 116. Calculus II QR/1
MATH 156. Applied Honors Calculus II QR/1
MATH 175. An Introduction to Cryptology QR/1
MATH 176. Explorations in Topology and Analysis QR/1
MATH 185. Honors Calculus I QR/1
MATH 186. Honors Calculus II QR/1
MATH 214. Linear Algebra and Differential Equations QR/1
MATH 215. Calculus III QR/1
MATH 216. Introduction to Differential Equations QR/1
MATH 217. Linear Algebra QR/1
MATH 255. Applied Honors Calculus III QR/1
MATH 256. Applied Honors Calculus IV QR/1
MATH 285. Honors Calculus III QR/1
MATH 286. Honors Differential Equations QR/1
MATH 295. Honors Mathematics I QR/1
MATH 296. Honors Mathematics II QR/1
PHIL 296. Honors Introduction to Logic QR/1
PHIL 303. Introduction to Symbolic Logic QR/1
PHIL 305. Introduction to Formal Philosophical Methods QR/1
PHIL 414. Mathematical Logic QR/1
PHYSICS 107. 20th-Century Concepts of Space, Time, and Matter QR/1
PHYSICS 111. The Evolution of Scientific Thought QR/2
PHYSICS 116. From Quarks to Cosmos QR/1
PHYSICS 126. General Physics: Electricity and Light QR/1
PHYSICS 135. Physics for the Life Sciences I QR/1
PHYSICS 140. General Physics I QR/1
PHYSICS 145. General Physics QR/1
PHYSICS 160. Honors Physics I QR/1
PHYSICS 235. Physics for the Life Sciences II QR/1
PHYSICS 240. General Physics II QR/1
PHYSICS 260. Honors Physics II QR/1
PHYSICS 288. Physics of Music QR/1
PHYSICS 401. Intermediate Mechanics QR/1
POLSCI 387. Comparative Analysis of Government Institutions QR/2
POLSCI 391 / CMPLXSYS 391. Introduction to Modeling Political Processes QR/1
PSYCH 448. Mathematical Psychology QR/2
PUBPOL 250 / CMPLXSYS 250. Social Systems, Energy, and Public Policy QR/1
RCIDIV 222. Quantitatively Speaking QR/1
SOC 210. Elementary Statistics QR/1
SOC 310. Sociological Research Methods QR/1
SOC 312. The Evaluation of Evidence in Sociology QR/1
SOC 430. World Population Dynamics QR/2
STATS 125. Games, Gambling and Coincidences QR/1
STATS 150. Making Sense of Data QR/1
STATS 250. Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis QR/1
STATS 280. Honors Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis QR/1
STATS 400. Applied Statistical Methods QR/1
STATS 401. Applied Statistical Methods II QR/1
STATS 412. Introduction to Probability and Statistics QR/1
WRITING 410. Quantitative Analysis and Writing in the Disciplines QR/2


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