As stated in the LSA Faculty Code (B.2.02), courses shall be numbered and designated as follows.

  • Courses 100-199:  introductory, beginning courses, typically for first-year students and sophomores
  • Courses 200-299:  intermediate, lower division, sophomore courses
  • Courses 300-399:  upper-class, concentration courses, juniors and seniors
  • Courses 400-499:  upper-class, concentration courses, junior and seniors, and lower-level graduate students
  • Courses 500 and higher:  graduate courses

Ideally students can use the numbering system as a guide to determine the intended audience and degree of difficulty. The Curriculum Committee will not approve any new course proposals not in compliance with the code. Accordingly, no new 500-level courses will be approved for undergraduate credit. Each department will be asked to bring existing course numbers into conformity with the Code at the time of its external review.

All LSA courses, including those approved for graduate credit only, count toward the minimum 100 LSA credits out of the total 120 required for an undergraduate degree. Unless courses are restricted to graduate students only, undergraduates are allowed to enroll in graduate-level courses for credit.

The online Course Guide routinely lists 500-level courses approved for undergraduate credit. Listing 600-level courses requires approval from the dean's office. Students can search the online Course Guide for undergraduate classes, graduate classes, or all types. Most departments consider graduate courses appropriate for advanced undergraduates or Honors students. In fact, many concentration programs require a significant amount of 500- and 600-level coursework.

Although instructors need not specify the nature of the extra work, graduate credit earned in an UG/Grad credit course assumes a higher level of performance typical of graduate 500-level courses. It has always been the expectation of Rackham Graduate School that graduate students be required to do additional work in order to earn graduate credit in a 400-level course. At the request of Rackham, new course approval request forms and modifications allow only “Rackham Grad with additional work.”

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