ASTRO 101. Introductory Astronomy: The Solar System and the Search for Life Beyond Earth
ASTRO 102. Introductory Astronomy: Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe
ASTRO 104. Alien Skies: A Tour Through the Universe
ASTRO 105. The Cosmos Through the Constellations
ASTRO 115. Introductory Astrobiology: The Search for Life in the Universe
ASTRO 142. From the Big Bang to the Milky Way
ASTRO 220. New Discoveries in Astronomy
BIOPHYS 290 / PHYSICS 290. Physics of the Body and Mind
CHEM 130. General Chemistry: Macroscopic Investigations and Reaction Principles
CMPLXSYS 430. Modeling Infectious Diseases
EARTH 130 / CHEM 108 / PHYSICS 119. The Physical World
EARTH 222 / ENVIRON 232. Introductory Oceanography
EARTH 223 / ENVIRON 233. Introductory Oceanography, Laboratory
EARTH 380 / ENVIRON 380. Mineral Resources, Economics, and the Environment
EARTH 468. Data Analysis and Model Estimation
ECON 101. Principles of Economics I
ECON 102. Principles of Economics II
PHYSICS 111. The Evolution of Scientific Thought
POLSCI 387. Comparative Analysis of Government Institutions
PSYCH 448. Mathematical Psychology
SOC 430. World Population Dynamics
WRITING 410. Quantitative Analysis and Writing in the Disciplines


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