Teaching Questionnaire Items for Evaluating R&E Courses

Teaching Questionnaire Items for R&E Course Evaluations

Race and Ethnicity (R&E) courses are recertified every five years. To assist the Curriculum Committee in reviewing proposals for renewal of an R&E course designation, the R&E Subcommittee recommends that faculty teaching R&E courses be strongly encouraged to use in their end-of-term teaching evaluations the following two questions from the Teaching Questionnaire (TQ) inventory of items

132. I learned to think critically about difficult issues of diversity.

186. The instructor was effective in handling multicultural issues and content.

When requesting recertification of the R&E designation, instructors would be asked to submit the teaching evaluation responses to these questions in addition to currently-requested materials.


R&E instructors also may find other questions, such as those listed below, relevant and useful. The full list of TQ questions may be found here: Recommended Teaching Questionnaire Items for R&E Course Evaluations 

            131. I became more aware of multiple perspectives on issues of diversity.

            185. The instructor was sensitive to multicultural issues in the classroom.

            187. The instructor promoted meaningful discussions of issues of diversity.

            245. The instructor valued the diversity of life experiences among students.

            251. The instructor saw cultural and personal differences as assets.

            257. Writing assignments encouraged the inclusion of diverse perspectives.

            258. Reading assignments covered material from diverse perspectives.

            259. The course pack covered material from diverse perspectives.


            910. How might the class climate be made more inclusive of diverse students?

            911. How might the course content be more inclusive of diverse groups?

            912. How might the course materials be more inclusive of diverse groups?

            913. How might the teaching methods used be more sensitive to diverse needs?

            914. How might working in groups be made more inclusive for diverse students?


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