Genomic Diversity Laboratory

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What is GDL?

The Genomic Diversity Laboratory (GDL) is a multi-user facility at the University of Michigan (UM) aimed at supporting research activities of students, faculty, and visiting scholars from the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) and other departments at UM.

The GDL contains all necessary equipment to perform molecular techniques involved with DNA/RNA sequencing, microsatellite, AFLP work, and next-generation sequencing. The lab also houses five Macintosh computers and two PC that are available to GDL users for data analyses.

The GDL facilities include:

  • Two main laboratory rooms
  • DNA/RNA quantification room
  • Dark room for DNA visualization
  • Room designated for ancient DNA work
  • Computer room
  • Conference room
  • All necessary equipment to perform molecular techniques