Genomic Diversity Laboratory

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Rules & Forms

Rules: PDF Download
The Genomic Diversity Laboratory is a well-equipped molecular biological research facility where all users collaborate to the maintenance of an organized and safe working environment. At the GDL, all users share most of the equipment, so, the following rules are aimed at keeping people and equipment safe, avoiding conflict, and improving the working conditions.

GDL Rules Acceptance Form: PDF Download
Users interested in working at the GDL should fill out this acceptance form before using the GDL facilities.

Ancient DNA Laboratory Guidelines: PDF Download
The overarching concern regarding the Ancient DNA (aDNA) Laboratory is that of sterility. Given the efficacy of the laboratory methods involved, together with the fact that “ancient” tissues generally contain only small amounts of (potentially degraded) DNA, even a small degree of contamination can corrupt a data matrix and squander irreplaceable tissue samples. In an attempt to avoid jeopardizing current and future studies, we therefore must follow strict procedures to attain and preserve the goal of a sterile working environment. Here are some guidelines to both keep the laboratory clean and provide a safeguard for your own important data.

Laboratory Safety Training: PDF Download
As part of the University requirements, any person working in a laboratory (faculty, students, visiting scholars, volunteers, etc.) must take a Comprehensive Laboratory Safety Training, a Bloodborne Pathogens Training, and a Centrifuge Training. Here is a brief description of how to register for the online self-study modules or in person courses.



How to Manual: PDF Download

Cleaning and Safety:PDF Download

DNA Extraction: PDF Download
Running Agarose Gel: PDF Download
Microsatellites: PDF Download

Recipes Stock: PDF Download