Genomic Diversity Laboratory

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Thermocycler policies: PDF Download
The GDL is equipped with six thermocycler machines available for the GDL users. Users must sign up online to use a thermocycler. If you need access to the lab group in Google Calendar, please contact Raquel Marchán. Please sign in to researve any thermocycler, and make sure that you will be ready by the time that you reserved it as other people may be signed after you. See our thermocycler policies before using the GDL thermocyclers.

Ordering Reagents and Supplies

The GDL has a variety of lab supplies and reagents in stock available for lab users. The technician prepares aliquots of reagents and supplies and rebill them at cost per unit. All these products are in the laboratory and ready to use. Any person that takes a product available should ALWAYS have to sign it out. Sign-out sheets are available in proximity to where the products are stored.  You have to write your name, date, PI, and make a tick mark in the appropriate spreadsheet cell for the product and amount of what you took. If spreadsheets are not found, please contact Raquel Marchán ( providing the information above described. Once a month, an invoice for the charges applied to each user will be sent. Before a bill can be processed, users have to confirm the funding source that will be used to cover the charges.

If you are currently a lab user and need assistance in ordering reagents or lab supplies, you can contact Raquel Marchán. Please, include the complete description of the items you need.