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Liliana  Cortés Ortiz

Research Associate Profesor

Fields of study:
Evolution of neotropical primates

Alison  Davis

Assistant Research Scientist
Assistant Curator of Herpetology, Museum of Zoology

Fields of study:
Evolution of behavior, evolutionary genomics, character evolution and phylogenetics, herpetology

Pavel  Klimov

Assistant Research Scientist

Fields of study:
Molecular phylogentics, host-parsite relationships, coevolution, systematics of mites

Daniel L.  Rabosky

Assistant Professor

Fields of study:
Macroevolution, speciation, phylogenetic comparative methods, biodiversity theory, evolution and ecology of Australian reptiles, herpetology, paleobiology

Stephen A.  Smith

Assistant Professor

Fields of study:
Phylogenetics, computational evolutionary biology, biogeography, phyloinformatics


Mariam  Akhtar

Undergraduate Student

Marcela   Baiz

Ph.D. Student

Evolution of behavior, dispersal patterns and social systems, molecular ecology

Delaney   Cargo

Traditional Master's Student

Population genetics, selective pressures and social systems of primates

Maggie  Grundler

Undergraduate Researcher

Michael  Grundler

Ph.D. Student

Macro-evolution, feeding ecology, phylogenetics reptiles

John  Guittar

Ph.D. Student

Plant community assembly, functional trait-based approaches, plant-soil interactions, microbial ecology, tropical ecology

Iris  Holmes

Ph.D. Student

Amphibian population genetics, adaptive basis and evolutionary implications of organismal distribution

Joanna  Larson

Ph.D. Student

Macroevolution of African amphibians, integration of morphological and molecular data

Adrian  Melo Carrillo

Traditional Master's Student

Focus on evolution and biodiversity, with molecular and cellular biology as the base

Pamela  Murillo Rojas

Ph.D. Student

Acarology, systematics, ecology and evolution of mites

Sergio  Redondo

Frontiers Master's Student

Conservation biology and genetics, population bottlenecks, mammalian speciation, primate ecology and systematics

Pascal  Title

Ph.D. Student

Niche modeling, spatial analysis, herpetology

Post Doctoral Fellows

Huateng  Huang

Postdoctoral Fellow

Phylogenetics and phylogeography

Ya  Yang

Postdoctoral Associate

Plant systematics

Research Lab Technician

M. Raquel Marchán  Marchán-Rivadeneira

Research Lab Technician

Ecomorphology, phylogeography, speciation